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Do you believe?

I want to believe!

One of my most favourite TV shows ever, The X Files, is going to be coming back to TV. This makes me very happy, and I hope that it will be worthwhile. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Back in the 90’s I was a strong believer of some conspiracy theories. I even had a website that I used to run that gathered the most interesting and well-researched material on the internet, and published it for others to read too. I wanted to share the news that the mainstream media wasn’t interested in sharing because it didn’t fit their agenda.

After doing this for quite a few years, I worked out that most people in the world just don’t care that their governments are lying to them. They don’t care that they’re being manipulated and deceived. They’re too caught up in the things that affect them directly to worry about things that might not be affecting them directly.

These days the conspiracies are still out there. Monsanto’s genetically modified foods. Governments arranging secret treaties (Trans-Pacific Partnership) that will screw over the people in favour of corporate interests. Wars being fought against bad guys but ultimately over oil. The list is long, but I won’t bore you. If you’re interested, you can do your own research.

Even though there are conspiracies afoot, and there are people struggling to expose the truth and help keep people safe from the dangers, most people still don’t care. As long as they get their daily coffee at work, and they can relax in front of the tv at night, they’re happy. They don’t care about anything else.

But still, people love to think about the possibilities of conspiracies being large, mysterious and exciting. They like to think that there might be something more to their reality than their boring life. They like to think that there’s aliens amongst us. And that’s why shows like The X Files were so popular.

I loved it for all the conspiracies it tied together, and all the new ones it created. I hated it for Scully being so friggin’ blind and stupid, but I can understand that her character just couldn’t comprehend the things she was seeing and experiencing as real, because it was so outside of her belief system.

I see most people that way. They see things around them that are outside of their belief system, and they just can’t comprehend the reality of it, so they ignore it, pretend it didn’t happen or doesn’t exist.

There are things I believe that many others don’t. I don’t care. But there’s one thing that a lot of us believe – The X Files is awesome, and it’s fantastic that it’s coming back.

What about you? Do you believe too?

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