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Dreaming of a mouse and two rats

Last night I dreamt that my cat, Eve, was actually a mouse. As a mouse, she was attacked by a rat. She managed to defend herself, but was injured. I went to get something to help make her more comfortable, to look after her. When I returned, I discovered that she’d been attacked by another rat! She still managed to defend herself, and was still alive, with a dead rat on either side of her. However, she was badly injured and dying.

I laid down next to her and tried to comfort her, as she couldn’t move. Her breathing was heavy, and even though she was a mouse, it was obvious she was pain. I laid down next to her and tried comforting her, holding her and patting her, while speaking to her, pleading with her not to die, that she was going to be ok, and that I loved her. I was crying in the dream while doing this, knowing she was dying on me. And then she stopped breathing, and I started crying, deep in sorrow.

I woke up at this point, still feeling the deep sorrow – as one does when waking from it. I laid there, thinking about the dream, and about how tough Eve The Mouse was to fight off and kill two rats. I wondered what it meant, but then drifted back off to sleep.

I remembered it again tonight, and got out my dream book to try and work out the meaning.

First, the mouse meant ‘a feeling of insignificance, of fear’. Second, the rat meant ‘judging yourself through others’. Third, the cat (eg. Eve) is my ‘intuitive self, the feminine part of myself’. Fourth, two means ‘needing people, self-surrender, putting others before yourself’. Fifth, death means ‘the death of old patterns and programs, and the making way for rebirth’.

From these dream symbols I realised the following:

The feminine part of myself (Eve) was represented as feeling insignificant (mouse). However, my feelings of insignificance found the strength to fight the judgements of others and myself (the rat). Not only did I fight them off and kill them, thus killing off the old patterns of judgements, I fought off two rats, which represented the fact that I also fought off the need for people, self-surrender and for putting others before myself.

What I found extemely interesting was that only yesterday I wrote more about my struggle against being judgemental, about judging others, which is only judging myself. So as I’m becoming more aware of that aspect of myself yesterday, I then have a dream that points out to me that spiritually and subconsciously I’m fighting and succeeding against being judgemental.

UPDATE: I forgot to add that the death of the mouse (Eve) meant that the feelings of insignificance was killed, by having killed off the self-judgement.

I’ll just have to see how this interpretation translates over into real-world attitudes.

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