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Eve Online: Black Claw

I’ve joined a new game called Eve Online (read the FAQ), which is exceptionally good. It’s better than World of Warcraft, and has become my ‘game of choice’.

EVE is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a science-fiction based, persistent world. Players take the role of spaceship pilots seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy.

As a result of my enjoyment about it, I’m going to be writing the continuing adventures of my character, as an exercise in creative writing, and to record the interesting developments of the game for me. It’s also to promote how good the game is, and if you would like to join as well, you can contact me . Maybe you might like to join the same corporation I’m in.

The Beginning

Hi, I’m Black Claw. You might know me from…. well, ok, you won’t know me at all. But one day, you will. The name ‘Black Claw’ will strike fear into the hearts of the lawless. I hope you won’t be one of ’em.

Anyway, I know that’s going to be quite a while away. At the moment I’m going through Training Academy. My God, what a boring place that is! But I know it’s necessary. Without this training, how am I going to become one of the legends of the galaxy? How am I going to be able to strike fear into the hearts of those who have no fear? Yes, training is important.

Unfortunately, it’s also embarrasing on occasions. The other day I went to destroy a simple drone as part of combat training. Now, previous training against ‘pirates’ had been very successful, but this drone? After five minutes of flying around it and firing at it, I had to give up. My weapons weren’t even causing a flicker in its shields! Disgusted, I flew away, leaving it behind. However, after a couple of courier missions to make some money, followed by a quick weapons upgrade, I returned.

“Yeh, that’s right! I’m back! Didn’t expect to see ME again, did you! Hahahahaha!” I know, the broadcast was useless, as it was only a drone. But it made me feel sooo much better! After a couple of quick blasts, the drone was destroyed, and I returned to base with a big smile on my face. The guys bought me a beer each, so that was definitely worth it.

On one of my recent training missions, things changed for me. Changed a lot. Changed for the better, in fact. I was travelling through a star system when I stumbled upon a lone traveller at the jump gate I was about to use. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, as they’ve done in the past when something important’s about to happen. Wondering what it might be, I thought I’d contact this traveller and strike up a conversation.

Jinx Nebulafyre was his name. Strange name, but he seemed like a nice guy. I asked him if he knew of any corporations that were involved in covert / stealth / black ops, as that was the kind of thing I wouldn’t mind getting involved in. He froze, his face staring out at me from the screen.

“Are you psychic?” he asked me.

“Sometimes,” I said. This was the truth though, as I’ve often thought that those hair-raising moments were some kind of psychic affect, trying to tell me when something was about to happen that would be good for me. This was one of those times.

It turned out that he was involved in a corporation that engaged in just those activities, and I was immediately invited to join his corporation’s recruitment comm link. After talking with a few people, who asked me what my goals were, and why I wanted to be part of their organisation, I was gifted two million credits! Holy mother of God!

I asked what it was for, and was told it was to buy a ship. Thanking my lucky stars, I immediately bought myself a brand new Frigate that I could start using immediately, and which could also be fitted out for covert operations. It was only a few jumps away, and so I headed there immediately.

This was when I had another experience, which initially was really bad, but actually turned out ok. I jumped into a system and was immediately attacked by someone! It all happened so fast, I couldn’t find them to attack back. I also knew I was in no position to capably defend myself, as I was still in my training ship. A ‘rookie ship’, as they called it. I did the only thing I could do, and that was to warp away.

However, it took the unseen enemy only 3 shots to destroy my ship. One shot to penetrate my shields, another shot to destroy my armour, and the final shot to destroy it. My cockpit capsule ejected from the flaming wreckage and immediately engaged the warp drive, using the command I’d given before the ship was destroyed. As I streaked away from the ambush site in my little capsule, I sat there reading the report that the CONCORD police had sent to me as a result of the combat. It gave the name of my attacker and what weapons were used to destroy my ship, as well as a few other interesting bits of information.

I knew it would be foolish of me to try and get revenge. I had neither the skill or the capability of delivering such retribution. Thinking about it, I decided to just appreciate the experience for what it taught me. Smiling to myself, I composed a message to my attacker, thanking then for my first such experience, but politely asking them not to do that again if they ever encountered me again. I sent the message, and then went to sleep.

It was only a short while later, however, that I was woken up by the comm system beeping at me. It was a reply from my attacker, who apologised for the attack, saying he was only testing new weapons, and that he hoped the money he was paying me would make up for it. I checked my account and found, on top of the two million that was already there, another two hundred and fifty thousand credits! I couldn’t believe it!

I sent him back a reply thanking him for the payment, and that maybe I’d be happy for him to attack me again…

The generosity of some people around here seems to be quite amazing, even from those who have attacked me. Unbelievable.

I eventually made my way to the station that was housing my new Frigate, and after installing my pod into it, I took off to the HQ of the corporation that was inviting me to join. They were 24 jumps away, so it took me a while to get there, but I finally made it. After having a quick shave, I left the Frigate – which was a much better ship than the ‘rookie ship’ – and met the corporation’s senior members. I signed their application form, and they welcomed me into their company.

“What next?” I asked, and they told me to return to what I had been doing. They would provide information, advice, assistance and training where needed, but I wasn’t ready yet to be part of their operations. That would take time, but they hoped it wouldn’t be too long.

With a nod and a thanks, I left them, returning the 24 jumps back to the Training Academy. It doesn’t seem so boring now. I look around at my classmates, and wonder how many of them are members of a corporation yet – a black ops corporation at that – and with over two million credits in their account! I felt extremely lucky and happy to have such resources available to me already, and the training missions had a completely different feel to them now. With a smile, I went back to studying the details on the latest training mission…

To be continued…

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