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Eve Online: Possibilities

I’ve been thinking about various options available to me, and I feel I’m getting close to finding a role I can fit into. I like the idea of being part of actions against the lawless, but I don’t like the idea of persecuting those who realise the error of their ways and want to change.

So I’ve come up with the idea of continuing as planned within the corporation I’m part of, where I end up being involved in covert/stealth operations against pirates, individuals or corporations involving themselves in illegal and immoral activities, while also ‘freelancing’ as a guide and bodyguard for those who seek redemption. Naturally, they have to be serious in their attempts to enhance their security status up into the positives, and if they engage in anything ‘illegal or immoral’ then my co-operation ends and I actively engage in their destruction.

It’s obvious that I need to have quite a high level of competence to fulfil these goals. Those who have negative security ratings are usually highly competent themselves, which is how they’ve got to where they are (eg. through winning many battles). Why the hell would they want a ‘bodyguard’?

I’m hoping that the idea of assistance and protection from someone with a positive security status, such as myself, would be attractive to those who seek redemption.

It’s a possibility, as I said, but an interesting one. Time will tell if it’s the career path I actually end up in, or if it’s just the fantasy of someone without any experience of how the real galaxy works….

To be continued…

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