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Eve Online: Purify

Just over a week ago, I left the old corporation I was in and joined a new one – Purify.  The old corporation was starting to fall apart at the seams, with the CEO deciding to quit, various members leaving, and the second-in-command not sure if he was going to continue the corporation or start a new one.  With all this happening, I made the decision to find another corporation to be involved in.  One that had been around for a while and was more secure, where the leadership was more committed, and which had values similar to mine. 

After some research, I found Purify.  Their main goal is to actively bring justice to the galaxy, working against pirates and illegal cartels, and other scum of the galaxy. 

In the time that I’ve been with them, I’ve achieved more than what I thought possible.  They are aligned with an organisation called Republic Fleet, who they recommended I obtain missions from.  I have to say, some of these missions have been pretty exciting!  Most of them involve me conducting ‘kill missions’ against the Angel Cartel, a pirate organisation that certainly deserves no mercy.  They give none themselves, so death is their only retribution.

In this past week I amassed over 5 million credits.  A pittance for some, but a fortune for one such as myself.  With that money, I’ve bought myself a small fleet of Frigates.  I have 3 Tristan Frigates which I’ll equip in various ways for various purposes, and I have another Incursus Frigate which has a cargo capacity over twice as much as the Tristan, for those missions where I need to courier things that the Tristan can’t.

It’s been quite a fascinating journey.  Using advice from the Purify CEO and also research on the net, I’ve fitted my main Tristan with a reasonably formidable array of weapons and equipment modules, making those pirates fall that much easier to my attacks.

Before the latest weapons upgrades, I had an interesting time with one mission… Alone, I faced 6 waves of dozens of pirate ships.  My shields were depleted and they were cutting away at my ship’s armour with their weapons attacks.  Thankfully I had just installed an armour repairer for such emergencies, and was able to recover from their attacks without any significant damage.  They all died for their insolence.

Purify is a corporation that has been helpful in helping me achieve my goals.  I’ve also struck up a rapport with the CEO, offering my advice on the operation of his corporation.  My ideas are to create various departments within the company that don’t currently exist, with each department fulfilling various important areas the corporation needs to focus on.  Instead of the CEO working on all the areas, he has department chiefs working on them instead.

I guess that while Purify has been around since last year, they’re still young in their organisational structure.  While I’m new, it’s understandable that my ideas don’t carry a lot of weight, but the CEO has promised that he has plans for me and my ideas once I’m past the probational period.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens there.

In the past couple of days I’ve helped recruit a couple of new pilots to the corporation, one of whom acts in the same time zone as me.  I’m hoping to build a squad of ‘friends’ in the same time zone, so that we can work together on missions furthering the corporation’s goals.

To be continued…

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