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Everyone loves technology

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the blog posts I write where I talk about technology seem to get the most comments and discussions taking place. People love reading about it, talking about it, and asking questions about it.

I’m sure it’s because technology is on the minds of everyone that reads my blog. Think about it. You’re using a computer, or a laptop or a tablet or a phone to read this. You’re already emotionally invested in technology with what you’re currently using. You’ve got your own thoughts and opinions about what you’re using and how you’re using it, and you’re interested in what others are using and how they’re using it too.

You might even be interested in getting some thoughts on where technology is heading to in the future, and wondering if you’re going to be along for the ride.

I love technology, but I don’t love it for the sake of it. I love it for how it improves my life.

Some people love reading about technology to keep an eye on how things are developing. Some people love reading about technology because they’re invested somehow in it, either with their jobs or their interests.

For me – and you might find this surprising – I don’t love reading about technology. I find it mostly boring! I couldn’t care less about the technical specs of the latest gadget or hardware. My interest in technology lies in actually using it.

I’ll avoid reading about technology until I decide that I need to improve something in my life. Then I’ll look into how I can improve it, and that’s when I research and explore the technology that would bring me the better results I want.

That’s the extent of my interest in technology. But once I start researching something, I research it to death! I know what I want, and I know what’s important to me, and I’ll continue researching my options until I’m completely satisifed that it will give me what I want.

I’m curious about your own interest in technology. Maybe you’d like to share with me what kinds of technology you’re interested in, and why? What do you get from it?

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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