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On Thursday I submitted a finance application for a car lease. On Friday I gained a new contract that starts tomorrow, valid for the next 6 months and with the possibility of extension. Today I found out my finance application was approved. I told the lease company to go ahead with the lease and to order the car.

It’s going to be ready to be picked up on Friday.

This is the law of attraction at work. The car was delivered to the local dealer on the same day that I had my new contract confirmed. I hadn’t confirmed the order but they had gone ahead and built it anyway – if I didn’t buy it, someone else would have. But it was being built for me.

This is so very exciting for me. I ordered this car with certain features. It was built especially for me, with the features I wanted. It’s here, having a few finishing touches done to it, before I pick it up on Friday.

It’s got a luxury interior package, which gives it the interior of a Fairmont Ghia, as well as tinted windows and a towbar. Naturally I’ll get photos of it after I get it, but here’s a teaser of what the interior’s gonna look like.

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