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Evolving beyond

evolveWhenever you evolve or get better at something, or you want to explore a new direction in life, people around you will try to prevent you. They’ll give you all manner of reasons and arguments about why you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you’re doing. It’s because what you’re doing disturbs them.

They see you doing [whatever it is] and they want to do it too, but it shows to them their own apathy and laziness towards it.

So instead of joining you, they try to prevent you from doing it, so that they can feel better about themselves and their own inaction.

They’re not even aware they’re doing this. It’s completely subconscious. But they do it nevertheless. You’ve probably seen them doing it in your own life, providing you with resistance to your plans.

Don’t listen to them. Don’t take to heart the things they say. What they’re doing just shows you how fearful they are of your success. Don’t let their fear stop you from achieving your objectives.

Leave them behind if necessary. You’ll find new people in your life that will always be where you’re at.

If your old friends won’t join you, make new friends in the new places you’ll end up in.

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