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I’ve just realised that I haven’t really communicated my level of excitement about my current role or income in a manner that reflects what my current level of excitement actually is. In fact, I’ve been rather… subdued about the whole thing.

But I’m having trouble keeping my excitement in check, and I need to talk about it.

I’m a Business Analyst – just starting out, admittedly, but I’m a BA. People go through years of university to become a BA, and they don’t earn as much as I currently am.

I’m earning… a lot of money. It blows my mind how much I’m earning. Admittedly, this is as a contractor/consultant, but it doesn’t change the fact I’m earning a lot of money. If I was a BA in a permanent job, after having studied at uni, I’d be on only half of what I’m currently earning.

I’ve never been a BA before. In December I wanted to be a BA, to move forward on a path that would result in me earning $250,000 within five years. How naive, one could say. Some did say! Noble aspirations, but not based in reality. And yet, here I am, a BA, earning more money now than I thought was possible for me.

I can’t express how this makes me feel. Maybe that’s why I’ve been subdued about it until now.

I can only thank the Law of Attraction. There can’t be anything else to thank! I didn’t even apply for this job – it came to me. And the opportunities it’s now preparing me for in my future fills me with amazement.

Five years ago, as a lowly helpdesk analyst on 36k a year, I never imagined in 5 years I would be earning well over 100k a year. Based on the level of increase over the past 5 years, if it’s the same over the next 5 years, I’m well on the way to having over $500,000 a year income.

This excites me!

And yes, I know! Money doesn’t buy happiness. But it buys opportunities to be happy doing things that you couldn’t do if you had none.

Update: it’s been pointed out to me that my comments imply that people who have studied to be a BA at uni would not earn as much as me. I know this isn’t true, and I did not mean to imply it was. My comment was about someone who has JUST left uni and become a BA, just like I’ve just become a BA. Based on market rates, I – as a new BA – am earning double as a contractor what a newly graduated BA would earn in a permanent role. Please forgive me for any offense or misunderstanding that that may have been caused.

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