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I finally got a new iPhone

Back in 2008 I bought the Apple iPhone 2. I enjoyed it for a few years, until the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 came out in 2011 with its bigger screen, and I enjoyed that more. So I switched over to it in 2012 and quickly fell in love with its camera and image quality. So I sold my DSLR and just focused on enjoying what the phone could do for me.

When the iPhone 6 Plus came out, I laughed, because I remember all the Apple fanboys – and Steve Jobs – saying that Apple would NEVER have a phone with a large screen. Only stupid people used such phones, they exclaimed with much laughter. But, since most of the people in the world are stupid AND buy iPhones, Apple had to eventually cater to market demand and bring out the large screen too. I was interested in what the iPhone might be able to do for me, but the Samsung Galaxy Note still had better quality screens, cameras and images, and that’s what I was mostly interested in, so I stayed with the Note.

But when the iPhone 7 Plus was introduced with a lot of great features in iOS 10 and a dual camera setup to simulate some DSLR photography, I was wondering if the quality of camera and photos would finally exceed Samsung’s newest Note 7. My research showed that the photos would be better, and so I made the decision to swap.

I haven’t been disappointed. Here’s a sample of one of the photos I took with the iPhone, only a day after I got it.

The quality is awesome!

But about the apps… It took a little getting used to some of the different methods of using apps. Unlike Android apps that have easily accessible settings in the apps themselves, you have to go hunting for app settings in the Apple Settings. And while many Android apps were originally Apple apps that were ported over to Android and therefore run better on an iPhone, there were a few Android apps that I enjoyed using which were ported over to Apple, and they just don’t run as well… Swype for Android was awesome! Swype for iOS not so much. Where Android allows you to place your text cursor wherever you place your finger, Apple doesn’t. It’ll be flawed when placing your cursor within a paragraph, and only place itself at the beginning or end of a word that you’ve pressed your finger on. You can fine tune where the cursor goes by pressing and using a magnifying glass to move the cursor to any other point within a word or the paragraph, but it’s very fiddly compared to Android.

Speaking of writing, I only just tried to write this blog post with WordPress for iOS last night. After I spent half an hour writing it out, I then tried publishing it, only to discover that there were some issues between the app and self-hosted WordPress sites, which you don’t get any warning about until after you get the issue. Which prevented me from saving or publishing what I’d written. Something about incompatible XML feeds between the blog and the app. The solution was to use a default WordPress theme on the blog. Not acceptable. So I deleted the app. A little disappointed about that, considering the WordPress for Android app works perfectly regardless of blog theme.

But those are my only complaints so far. Minor compared to the rest of the value that the phone gives me, which is mainly focused on what it can do for me with the camera.

I wonder if I can use the iPhone as part of a photography business….

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