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Finally, I’m home

And it’s so good to be back here in Australia!

It’s been an interesting time, this past few days. I came down with food poisoning on the last day in NZ, and still had to run around doing all the last-minute stuff, almost throwing up during dinner (and not able to eat anything), unable to sleep that night, and then the plane flight to Sydney, organising everything along the way, picking up the hire car, then driving to my friend Peter’s place, where I just felt like collapsing. After ‘formal preliminaries’, I collapsed into a bed and slept for a few hours, waking up with an incredible headache from dehydration and just feeling like crap.

Peter’s very much into health stuff, so he gave me some ‘concoctions’ and I drank a LOT of water, and by early evening I was feeling much better.

We decided, due to how I was feeling, not to go car shopping yesterday. Instead, we went looking at car yards when I was feeling better – between 9-10pm last night! It was good, as we didn’t have any salesmen hassling us. We probably looked at about 15 or more car yards, but found only one car that we wanted to come back and have a look at.

We did that today, with me feeling 100% better – all the food poisoning gone and raring to go. We took it for a drive, liked it, negotiated 15% of the price off, got them to throw in a few extras, and paid cash for it. Woohoo! The first car we looked at, we bought.

It’s a Ford Falcon S-Pack. Not the Fairmont we were going to go for, but good enough. It’s a 2000 model, AUII (which I’m really happy about, ’cause apparently the AU had a few problems which were fixed in the AUII), with CD player and towbar, which were our requirements in a car. The S-Pack means that it’s a sports version, with 5-speed gearbox, and the extra features. We’re both very happy with it. 🙂

Tomorrow morning we’re going to a party at David and Celeste’s, for their 1-year old boy, and then we’re driving to Canberra around 2pm. Hopefully we’ll be in time for dinner at 6:30, which will have to be after we arrive, get the keys from Mel’s parents, and then freshen up…

More later!

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