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Get up and write!


It’s almost midnight and I’m writing this with a ‘pen’ on my phone while sitting up in bed in the dark so I don’t wake up my wife. I was laying in bed, thinking to myself that I really should write a blog post tonight, but that would mean getting out of bed, or at least using the laptop, which would wake up my wife, and then she’d get grumpy. And fair enough too! But writing with a pen is much better.

Handwriting recognition technology has come a long way over the years. I can write with my special pen on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) and have it correctly recognised and converted to typed text within a second. It’s pretty amazing!

So anyway, it was important that I write something tonight, to stick with the plan of doing 200 crappy words a day. Even after going to bed, when I realised I hadn’t written anything tonight, I knew I had to get myself up out of bed and write something.

Commitment to keep doing what you need to do is the key to achieving success.

I don’t know if I’ve written 200 crappy words tonight, but I think l’ve given it a good effort.

I’m going to go to sleep now. Goodnight!

(Edit: seems I did 211 words. Nice.)

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