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After watching The Secret last weekend, and pondering on it this week, and writing articles, reading articles about the Law of Attraction as well as success thinking, I’ve been aware that there’s been a lot of changes in my life. Just this past week.

But I think most of them have happened today.

This morning I realised that I had been very foolish in limiting myself to ‘equal exchange opportunities’. These were those things that I would do for others, with the idea of getting something in return. An equal energy exchange.

But doing that is limiting! It’s because I’ve been giving things with the idea of getting something in return. I haven’t been giving a lot, because I haven’t been expecting equal returns. And as a result of giving little, I’ve been getting little.

That’s what I realised this morning. In order to receive so much more from the universe itself, I need to give more without any expectation of return.

To open the barriers to moving forward, and to let go of things I’ve been holding onto, I’ve apologised to a couple people today. The first apology was to someone who I had borrowed some books from 10 years ago, and never gave them back. I knew the books were important to them, but I had been slack – procrastinating – and failed to honour them by returning the books. I sent an email to them this afternoon apologising, and asking for their forgiveness.

I also sent an email to an ‘ex friend’, who decided a couple weeks ago that they didn’t want to be my friend any more. At the time I felt completely indignant about their attitude, which resulted from me asking them to buy me a drink in exchange for taking photos of their event, which they asked me to do. I felt that them buying me a drink in exchange for a night’s worth of photography was an ‘energy exchange’ that would satisfy both of us. However, it was their opinion that I wasn’t giving enough, and always wanted something in return. This was true, but they decided it meant I wasn’t worth having as a friend any more. I felt they were the one at fault at this, feeling that they just wanted to take whatever I gave, so I decided I didn’t need them as a friend either.

However, today has been enlightening. I’ve realised that in order to receive more from the universe, I need to give more to the universe. I also needed to mend the broken energy between me and those who had been friends. I don’t expect anything in return, I just needed to do it.

I’m also going to start giving more, not with the expectation of any return from those I give to, but to allow more prosperity and fulfilment into my life. I’ll give just for the sake of giving.

This is what I’ve learned today. I think it’s been building up over the past week.

The Law of Attraction is powerful.

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