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Group your Facebook friends

One of the interesting challenges about Facebook as a social network of your friends is – how do you define your friends? I mean, there’s your real friends, your work friends, your party friends, and even your random Facebook friends. Up until now, there was no way to sort them into groups.

Facebook has just implemented a new Lists feature for your friends, allowing you to create Lists by which you can sort your friends into. I think this is an awesome idea, ’cause I really didn’t like how you couldn’t sort your friends into ‘close friends’ and ‘random Facebook friends that you wouldn’t know from a bar of soap’. Now you can!

Some friends might fit into more than one List, and I really don’t see a problem with that. I like how you can sort your friends into lists that mean something to you, which then allows you to send messages to all friends in a List, or invite them to be part of an event, etc.

So now you can group your Facebook friends into Lists that are meaningful to you. I don’t envy you if you have hundreds or even thousands of friends! That’s the problem with being so popular, I guess….

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