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History of the future

Back in the beginning of this year, I wrote a timeline to provide a 'history of the future', to be used for a roleplaying game I created that was set in 2030, a combination of the Werewolf and Cyberpunk genres. I created this history based a little bit on how I saw current events developing, and also some of the 'historical facts' that were provided by John Titor, an alleged time traveller. Bringing it all together, and using established Cyberpunk themes (eg. cybernetic developments and early space flight, etc), I created my own history. Interestingly, I had Russia and China supporting Iran in 2006. They beat my 'prediction' by a year.

Anyway, for your entertainment, I present the timeline I created. It's part of the same theme that I like following, where I create timelines in order to provide a foundation for the stories that result from it. I think that with everything you write or plan to write, it's worthwhile creating a timeline leading up to that point, especially if it deviates from historical fact and moves more into alternate realities or the future. If you know the history leading up to where your story starts, you've got more background to draw upon.

Star Trek: Rebellion timeline
Scorpion Fleet timeline
Scorpion Fleet future timeline
Cyberpunk / Werewolf timeline:


  • America enacts military draft, and public unrest in America becomes more apparent


  • America cleans up Iraqi resistance then attacks Iran, who successfully defends itself, causing incredible losses to American forces
  • Unknown assailants, claimed by some commentators to be Israel, explode 3 nuclear bombs on Iranian targets
  • Iran fires 4 nuclear missiles at Israel, believing it was responsible for the attacks. Israel and Palestine cease to exist
  • Russia and China announce their support of Iran
  • America withdraws all of its forces from the Middle East
  • Middle Eastern refugees flood Europe and Africa
  • The world pulls together to help the refugees and those countries holding them
  • America refuses to help


  • America cuts off media syndication with the rest of the world
  • The Vatican decrees that the Pope, being the voice of God, has immunity to the laws of mankind
  • Australia and UK, affected by trade sanctions over their alliance with the US, renounce said alliance in order to continue being competitive on the global stage
  • Michael Moore dies in a car accident. Suspecting foul play by the government, armed civilians assault the White House but are all killed
  • Various conflicts rage around America, with the National Guard sent in to restore order
  • US government declares martial law and cancels upcoming elections. The US Senate is disbanded
  • A Second American Civil War becomes obvious, with the rest of the world only hearing about it via the internet and American blog authors


  • American anti-government websites are censored by authorities, preventing them from being visible on the internet
  • Most countries of the world (excluding America) offer free aid and support to those affected by the Middle Eastern refugees
  • The Pope declares that, with the support of host countries, Catholics will now have their own armed force, useful in heathen countries that threaten the safety of missionaries and resident Catholics
  • Advanced identification technology becomes active around the world, identifying every citizen (except Americans) as a 'global citizen'
  • With increased fears of petrol shortages due to a radioactive Middle East no longer able to supply oil, Shell and BP unveil their new hydrogen fuel cells that are meant to replace fossil fuels


  • Cybernetic enhancements become available to the general public
  • The first Catholic Special Forces unit is formed and sets up base in Brazil
  • An estimated 15 million people died from radiation sickness in the 3 years since the nuclear war
  • Most of the Middle East is uninhabitable, with northern Africa affected the most by radiation fallout
  • The first mass-produced vehicle to use hydrogen fuel cells is put onto the market by Ford. With power output equivalent to 6-cylinder petrol engines, but much cheaper to run, they are gratefully received. Being cheaper than standard cars and fuel prices, they are grabbed up like hot cakes


  • Heavy campaigning by the United Nations results in all airlines around the world announcing free travel to all countries (except America), with the support of the petrochemical industry and advertising companies
  • Specialised cyber-hospitals begin to open around the world
  • Internet 2.0 goes online, allowing real-time virtual reality interactions with people and places, all in cyberspace
  • BMW completes their new models of fuel cell vehicles, and most car manufacturers follow suit with the refined fuel cell technology produced by BMW


  • With the success of the free global co-operation initiative, the United Nations, now based in Moscow, announces a new 'Social Reform Act 2011' to unite the world with free trade and free supply of goods and services. Only the European Community, Russia and UK sign into the Reform Act, but without the support of all countries, it's deemed a failure. The signatories to the Act form their own free trade and services agreement
  • Holodecks' become popular, allowing people to enter a booth and experience the virtual reality of the internet


  • Civil unrest occurs in many places around the world, caused by fear of identity and possession loss. These incidents are suppressed by police
  • America opens its doors to the world again, welcoming renewed trade and globalisation efforts with the rest of the world. The civil war is still going on between the Free Militia (on the side of the people) and the Federalists (Federal government and its forces), but news about it continues to be suppressed
  • Neural implants, integrated sensory links to computer devices, become popular around the world. They increase response times of interactive electronic devices, as well as with the internet. Many 'holodecks' have them installed


  • After the US 'Corporate Riots of 2013', the government is bullied by large corporations into creating laws more favourable to the corporations, including allowing corporate armies and defence forces. These are used to protect corporate assets from damage by civilians and the Free Militia
  • The first mass-produced car to fly is created by Audi, using engines that operate similar to the Harrier jump jets, but smaller and quieter due to the fuel cells rather than jet engines. Public reception is minimal at first, until it becomes obvious that the 4-seater vehicle is safer and faster than ground vehicles. With a cruising speed of 280mph and automatically deployed parachutes in case of catastrophic engine failure, public interest improves


  • Civil disturbance incidents around the world are discovered to be caused by US-sponsored corporate intervention in various parts of Europe, causing America to receive a warning from the UN
  • Anti-capitalism riots in Australia are suppressed by the Australian military
  • Ford produces their own 4-seater flying car, with a top speed of 300 mph, as well as a flying van that seats 8, with a top speed of 180mph. It has a range of 1,800 miles on a full fuel cell
  • Over 100 cyber-hospitals are in operation around the world
  • Cyberdecks' become available, allowing people with neural implants to plug directly into the internet, allowing total sensory immersion into cyberspace


  • A US corporate plot to sabotage the European Union's free trade agreements and return power to corporate entities is uncovered by Germany
  • Russia launches nuclear strike against major cities on the east coast of America, as well as all major US military bases within America. American nuclear retaliation is prevented by a coup within the military by members sympathetic to the Free Militia, and they assume command of the country. 148 million Americans dead from the missile strikes. The Federal Government was destroyed. The civil war was over


  • Martial law is ended in the US, and a new American government is formed, with each of the 5 regional 'states' being led by a Governor in each. Each state is 'protected' by corporate military forces, who replace the old Federal military
  • Internet-enabled devices populate many houses built in the past 5 years, allowing electronic technology to use the functionality of the internet. Houses can be remotely accessed from work, and internal features can be externally controlled, etc
  • Hermes Space Plane is built, allowing quick and easy takeoff into orbit and back again. The Plane can land at any large runway
  • A joint Russian-Chinese project to build an interplanetary vehicle begins, with the goal of allowing space travel to the moon and beyond


  • China takes over the International Space Station and begins upgrading it, using a Hermes plane as a shuttle for the station
  • Basic anti-gravity devices are built and produced, being mainly for toys and small devices
  • Capital cities , or 'MegaCities', were formed in each of the 5 American states: Carson State – San Francisco; New Dakota – Cheyenne; Great Lakes – Chicago; Central State – St Louis; Texas – Houston
  • The megacities become the main areas of population within America. Automated agricultural machines built by the corporations begin replacing farming communities.


  • The first 'nomad pack' causes havoc in outer suburbs of Chicago. Police response was ineffective, as the nomads had superior weaponry, with some of them apparently enraged by drugs. The police were forced to use military force to disband them
  • Werewolves enter the public eye, with people claiming to witness them. Some of the 'nomads' are claimed to be werewolves. Authorities dismiss this as public hysteria
  • 'Skyways', the highways for flying cars, are completed between all major cities around the world. Using anti-grav beacon technology linked with vehicle computers, the skyways allow flying cars to safely travel domestic routes at varying altitudes


  • China completes initial upgrades to the Space Station and it goes operational for citizens who can apply their skills on it. A section is made available for visitors


  • 'NetDB' was launched, a worldwide database that allowed identification of almost every individual in the world


  • The first interplanetary vehicle is completed at a 'shipyard' near the International Space Station using nuclear fusion. Testing is successful with manned missions to the moon and back taking only a few hours. The first manned mission to Mars is planned
  • The First Corporate War begins and ends in America, with over 700 corporate soldiers dead in the conflict over agricultural territory between 3 corporate entities


  • Earth Force is formed, with regional military forces being disbanded. Formed by regional police units and using military hardware, they answer to the UN instead of their regional governors
  • Mars 1 leaves earth orbit, planning on reaching Mars in 3 months, but contact is lost with the vehicle less than one week from Mars


  • Mars 2 leaves earth orbit, consisting of 2 vehicles and a backup probe following along behind
  • The first fully operational Cyborg is announced, comprised of cybernetic parts but with the brain of a human volunteer. Volunteers were those with severe physical disabilities, and therefore their 'quality of life' was improved by being more mobile and of greater use to society. Cyborgs were used in dangerous and high-risk situations, like disaster rescues and space construction


  • Mars 2 lands on the moon. No trace of Mars 1 is found en route or on Mars, nor is there any apparent signs of alien life on the planet, disappointing many who believed otherwise
  • A cyborg goes on a rampage and destroys 3 suburban blocks. 183 people are killed, with 480 injured. Earth Force's first response unit is destroyed. Three more heavy units are deployed before the cyborg is destroyed. Earth Force realises that cyborgs are extremely effective in combat situations
  • General Electric announce commencement of new project to investigate the feasibility of using black holes and singularities as energy sources


  • The Second Corporate War between America and South America ends with the detonation of an electro-magnetic pulse weapon in the jungles of the Amazon
  • Earth Force Ultra is formed, a highly specialised organisation that is designed to combat the growing threat of renegades, nomads, mercenaries, cyborgs – and corporate wars. A cyborg unit is developed for backup and space operations


  • The Trade Agreement of 2029 is ratified, setting out boundaries for corporate land ownership and resource development around the world. A United Trade Group is created to act like the United Nations, to help resolve disputes between corporate entities. Enforcement of the agreement is carried out by Earth Force
  • China and Russia announce that a base has been formed on Mars, and is open to relevantly-skilled colonists. With a flight time of 3 weeks, they expect it to be open for public visits within 3 years


  • 'Today'

(The story that the players of this game were going to be involved in would have them as werewolves, but they didn't know it. It wasn't until their character was killed during the course of play that they would find out, as instead of dying, they would instead regenerate and turn into a werewolf. The type of character they played up until their death would determine the type of tribe their werewolf was part of, as they would have inadvertently been playing the qualities of the tribe.)

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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