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I’m depressed

(Something I wrote on 4th November 2004, which I thought I’d repost…)

I’m depressed that George Bush won the US election.

I’m depressed that he won not only the popular vote, but also the electoral vote.

I’m depressed that the people of America, in their stupidity and ignorance, voted for a man who says they’ll be safer with him.

I’m depressed that they were safe until he came into power. All the problems of American ‘internal security’ began with him.

I’m depressed that the Republicans now control the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, because now they don’t need to appease the Democracts – they can simply do what they like.

I’m depressed that the past 4 years of lies, manipulation, death and destruction are only going to get worse.

I’m depressed that the majority of Americans have proved to the entire world how stupid they are. (Unfortunately, Bush got all the southern and central states, where all the redneck loonies are. They’re the ones who are pro-religious, pro-war, and anti-same sex relationships. They’re living in the past, rather than wanting to move into the future.)

I’m depressed that Democracy has died in favour of the stupid who support the loss of their freedom.

This is what right-wing is about – the weak and stupid following the idiots who take away their freedom.

This bullshit about how the world is a dangerous place is fear-mongering. It wasn’t dangerous until Bush started making it dangerous. And now it’s dangerous only for those who support America.

Terrorism as we know it began many years ago, as a means of combating unwanted American intervention in various countries. The people who resented unjust American influence are the ones who became America’s terrorists, but freedom fighters within their country. They fight for the freedom of their country against the oppression of America.

The more America stuck its nose in, the more these people felt they had to fight. If America withdrew, and just let these people deal with their problems themselves, with guidance instead of oppression, then there wouldn’t be terrorist actions against Americans.

It’s really quite simple, but rednecks and liberals just don’t get it.

I’m depressed because we have at least another 4 years of seeing the world become even more dangerous.

A friend of mine recently suggested to me that they don’t care what America does, because it doesn’t affect them. I asked them how much they pay for their petrol these days. I asked them what considerations do they place on travel these days. I asked them if it really is true that what America does doesn’t affect them.

It affects all of us, and it’s not positive.

I’m depressed because I see a shitstorm coming, and it’s a shitstorm that the right wing ‘death beasts’, as they like to call themselves (eg. pro death?), support. In their attempt to give control over their lives to idiots like Bush, they support even more reductions in freedom.

We are free only when we can do what we want to do, as long as what we do does not harm ourselves or anyone else.

Their idea of freedom is to live in a small metal box that someone has told them is a good idea, to protect themselves from something that someone has said endangers them, but because they’re told that they are free inside this box, they’re happy.

They’re idiots, and weak. I feel sorry for them, because they live in a world of self-delusion and ignorance.

I’m depressed because the world has become a little darker.

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