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I’m taking a sabbatical from Facebook

What does Facebook do for you? I think this is the same for everyone that uses Facebook – it takes away your time and exchanges it with stuff that has no ultimate value to your life.


That time could be better spent on something far more meaningful to you.

A few possibilities come to mind…

  • Having more time with your family, helping them appreciate good memories of quality time you spend with them, instead of the (non-quality) time you spend with Facebook.
  • Having more time to focus on that career-changing skill that could change your life, if only your time wasn’t being sucked up by Facebook.
  • Having more time to focus on writing that book you’ve been promising, if only you weren’t being distracted by Facebook.
  • Having more time to focus on that hobby that brings you so much enjoyment in life, if only Facebook wasn’t taking you away from it all the time.
  • Having more time to socialise in person with your friends, instead of socialising online via Facebook.

Whatever your situation is, Facebook is a time-sink with no value being added to your life in exchange for your time.

What you do is always up to you, but I’ve decided that I’m going to change this for myself. I’m going to stop using Facebook for a while. I’m going to ‘unplug’ from it.

I’ll disable notifications and chat so I’ll not get notified by likes or comments – which I’m unlikely to anyway, since I won’t be adding anything or liking/commenting on anything myself.

By not receiving notifications, I won’t be reminded of its existence, and that will help me stay away from it.

Those people in my friends list will have to email, phone or text me if they want to talk with me. Communication will be more intimate, without being shared to everyone or to the world.

If no one ever contacts me, I’ll end up being like a hermit or something, alone in the woods.


But at least I’ll have more time to write and read and spend quality time with my wife and real life friends, without being distracted by what’s going on in Facebook.

I’m looking forward to this already!

If you’re on Facebook and want to contact me, you can always email me. I’m good at responding to that. If you want to phone me, you should already have my phone number, otherwise you’re not getting it. Email will be fine.

What about you? Have you taken a Facebook sabbatical? Did you ever go back to it? Or maybe you’re considering it? Please let me know your story in a comment below.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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