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Important Qualities For Men

I believe there are 3 important qualities men need to have, and these qualities form the underlying foundations of everything that makes us who we are. Developing these qualities, if you don’t already have them, will bring you success in your dates and relationships with women.

  1. Humour
  2. Confidence
  3. Respect


We’re often funny with our friends, but we find it difficult to be funny with women we’re dating, especially first dates. Why? This is usually because we’re not feeling ‘natural’ around them. We feel we’re being analysed about everything we do, and that creates pressure. How many of us can be funny under pressure? Very few. How can you be funny when you feel so much is riding on how you look and act? Our attitudes about how we look to women affect how we ‘perform’ on a date. In trying not to screw up the date, we often… screw up the date! Being funny is directly related to having….


Women like a confident man. They like to feel that the man they’re with is in control; that no matter what happens, he is going to have a plan of action that will calmly deal with the situation. Women want to be with a man who knows he’s a man, who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid of doing whatever he needs to do to get it. Of course, that leads on to…


Without respect, there’s nothing. If you don’t respect the woman, she’s not going to respect you. And if you don’t respect yourself, how are you going to expect her to respect you? Having respect for yourself means you take care of yourself. You appreciate who you are and the life you have. You value what you have achieved, and what you want to achieve. Having respect for others, especially the women you’re interested in, means that you value their life, and their beliefs, and their attitudes. You value the contribution they make to other people and to yourself. You respect who they are and the rights they have as a person, just like you. As you treat yourself with respect, so shall you treat them with respect.

Putting It All Together

When you are confident within yourself, how you look to others doesn’t matter. And really, how you look to another person is less important to them than how they look to you! As long as you treat yourself with respect, and dress and feel accordingly, they’ll be happy. If being with you is not likely to embarrass them, you’ve got nothing to worry about! When you can feel good about yourself regardless of other people’s opinions, then you can find the natural humour within you. You can laugh at the mistakes you make, and even at the mistakes other people might make. You can find humour in most things that occur, and this makes you more attractive. By not being hung up on how you look, and not caring if you’re being analysed, you become a better person to be around. You’re not uptight, you’re funnier and more relaxed. This is your goal. To achieve the goal, you have to stop caring. Stop caring about what she thinks of you. Care only about what YOU think of you! If you think highly of yourself, then so will she. (Don’t think so highly of yourself that you forget to respect and appreciate HER value! Thinking too highly of yourself is arrogant, and definitely not attractive.)


When you can respect her for who she is, then she will respect you in return. When you begin to develop confidence in yourself, humour will come more naturally to you. And the golden rule is: if you can make her laugh, she’s yours. Women like to be respected, and they like to laugh and have a good time. They do NOT like to be around someone who is uptight. They want to be appreciated by a man who knows who he is and what he wants. Develop these qualities, and you will not only become more successful with women, but you’ll also stop caring if you’re NOT successful! Because if they don’t like you simply for who you are, then you don’t need them in your life anyway.

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