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I have a lot of posts on this blog. Including this post, I have 505 posts. If you spent 4 minutes reading each post, it would take you 33.6 hours to read my blog. Let’s assume you’d be only reading for 8 hours a day… that’s pretty much 4 solid days of reading this blog.

I don’t think anyone expects that, with anyone’s blog. And I don’t think it ever happens that way. To anyone.

But for the first time ever, I’ve got an ‘interested visitor’ who’s taking the time to read a LOT of posts. They started at 2:50pm yesterday, and stopped at 4pm. That’s only just over an hour, but in that time, they went through a lot of my posts. I could tell that they weren’t reading ALL of them, but they were browsing a lot. And I just found they started again today at 1:20am and finishing at 5:35am (these times are NZ times).

I’m really pleased that someone has found my posts to be of such interest. I just wanted to say to them: welcome to this site, and thank you for taking the time to read through a lot of the posts on here. I’m very happy you’ve found something of interest here. 🙂

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