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Is it ok to be white?

Something happened this week that made me laugh, and laugh… And then I laughed some more. You see, something I’ve been observing for a few years now, has finally reached mainstream.

First, let’s go back a couple years, when I wrote about Identity Politics back in mid-2016. In that post I wrote:

“What’s disturbing to me is the growing trend that the white male identity is something to be ashamed of, to be criticised for, or to be suppressed…”

Something I’ve been noticing since probably at least 2012 is that there is an increasing level of anti-white male sentiment in western society, and I shared that in my 2016 post. Now you can see this pretty much wherever you look today. It’s on social media, and it’s in the news. Feminists and ‘women’s groups’ are claiming that all the problems women experience are because of (white) men, and minorities are naturally getting involved too, claiming all the problems they experience are because of white men. And of course the media is getting onboard with as much of this they can encourage, because outrage sells news and increases their profits.

The level of anger and outrage about white men in our society has been slowly increasing, and in 2018 it’s getting really quite obvious. It’s reached a point where I’ve started saying to interested people (sadly there’s not that many) that whites (especially the men) are becoming the new black, where it’s ok to discriminate against them because they’re white.

Whites are becoming the new black

It’s as if being white gives permission to discriminate in ways that should be illegal because it’s racial discrimination, but because it’s whites being discriminated against, that makes it ok.

Back in 2016, an Australian Senator, David Leyonhjelm, tried to use Australia’s anti-discrimination laws against someone that publicly claimed he was an ‘angry white male’. However, it was eventually determined that since he was a white male, he couldn’t be discriminated against. Fascinating. That was when it started becoming official.

Earlier this year BBC UK started advertising for jobs and whites were pretty much told to not bother applying. Apparently this is legal – because it’s only whites, and they can’t be discriminated against any more.

And so we get to today. Or last week, in particular, when a motion was raised in the Australian parliament that mentioned the anti-white sentiment that’s increasing in our society today, and asked the government to add its support against racism and say it’s ok to be white, just like they say it’s ok to be black.

You’d think that would be ok, to oppose all racism. However, the government voted NO – they would not say it’s ok to be white.

It was close though, 28 members voted yes, because those members thought it was a good idea to oppose all racism.

The backlash in the media and in society was HUGE! And extremely negative towards those politicians who voted yes, and to anyone that supports the very idea that it’s ok to be white.

There’s really no way to spin this. It’s obviously not ok to be white. Officially.

The negative backlash was because some racists and white supremacists have said it’s ok to be white. And since racists think it’s ok to be white, therefore it’s not ok to say it’s ok to be white.

It’s really stupid, when you think about it.

It’s either ok to be white, or it’s not ok to be white. And apparently, as we can see, it’s not ok to be white.

The stupid reason about it being bad because racists say it is just stupid.

Racists say ‘good morning’ too. By the same fucked up logic, we can’t say ‘good morning’ because some racists say it too.

So anyway… it’s not ok to be white. Because some racists say it’s ok to be white. And everyone now officially knows it’s absolutely not ok to be white.

This is setting a precedent that’s only going to get worse over the next few years.

But…. I have hope.

There are young people today who are out there spreading ration and reason and common sense. It’s really wonderful to see them so active, rejecting the stupidity that they see around them too. People like:

  • Tim Pool (US)
  • Matt Christiansen (US)
  • Lauren Southern (US)
  • Ben Shapiro (US)
  • Sydney Watson (AU)
  • Isaac Butterfield (AU)

Go check them out on YouTube if you’re interested. They have HEAPS of fantastic content. Search for ‘best of…’ when looking for them, because there’s so much of them out there.

I’ll include Isaac Butterfield’s video done tonight on ‘Is it ok to be white’, only because it’s completely relevant…

These are just some of the younger people that I’ve become aware of who are doing a fantastic job with trying to return public discussions back to a place of reason, with all of them trying to focus on the equality of all people, not just some groups of people. There’s so many of them out there, finding their voice, and getting their messages out.

With the number of followers they have, and the popularity they have, I think their messages are being heard, and I’m so thankful for that.

Maybe, just maybe, with the efforts of these young people, we can find a peaceful balance in our future.

I don’t think the solution lies in the hands of my generation any more.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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