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It’s all the same reality

I had lunch with a friend today, and during the course of our conversations, she told me that what she likes about me is my consistency across the range of subjects I’m interested in. She said that in the same tone I can write about seeing ghosts and also about the latest events in Iraq, etc.

What it came down to was that I talk about ghosts, spirits, etc, in the same way I talk about politics, news and life. She liked that.

It pointed something out to me, which I said to her. As far as I’m concerned, elements of spirituality exist, for me, in the exact same reality as news and current affairs.

It’s my life. It’s all related. It’s all real. It’s all part of the same reality.

Of course, it’s not all the same reality to most people. They can’t talk about spirits and politics in the same breath, like they can talk about politics and social engagements.

Does that make me weird? 🙂

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