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It’s the smiles

I’m sitting here in Starbucks, enjoying a ‘dry’ chai latte, listening to the music and thinking about how my life is filled with smiles.

I have a new contract for at least the next 6 months, in a place that two of my closest friends work at, which is filled with relaxed, happy and easygoing people who smile a lot. It’s the smiles – a new experience for me in a workplace!

Six and a half years ago (early 2001) I drove a BMW for the first time. It was the smile on my face when I finished test driving it that made me buy it. I then spent 6 years driving it – always smiling – until I sold it early this year to come to Australia.

It was the smile that made me get the XR6 Turbo. I have it now for at least the next 5 years on a lease, and I think I’ll be smiling for the whole time!

I’ve only been driving it last night and this morning, but it’s the smiles which make the experience – it’s the fun factor! The fun is in the power, the ability to leave everyone else still taking off from the traffic lights while you’re already at the speed limit 200 metres up the road. By the time they reach the limit themselves, you’re already gone. That’s fun!

I’m looking forward to the smiles.

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