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I’ve been a bit busy

I want to apologise to my regular readers for not having written anything for a couple days. I’ve been busy doing something else.

I’m going to be breaking off my online services from this personal blog and putting it all on a dedicated site.

It’s been taking a lot of my focus. Lots of reading, lots of thinking, and some writing, to get what I want. It needs to be ‘just right’.

What I wanted to do couldn’t be done on Ghost, because presenting my online services needed more than the limited formatting and presenteation options Ghost has.

So I was doing it in blogspot for a while, testing it out. I ended up being disappointed at the page management functionality, so I decided today to move it over to WordPress.

I was doing that today, along with moving the custom domain from blogspot to the WordPress setup. And that’s now going to involve a day or so of the site being unavailable while DNS propogates around the world.

So in the meantime, I’ll spend time looking for a kick-ass, awesome theme to make the site look and feel as good as I can make it. Something that will be appropriate to presenting my online services as a business.

I’ve been focused on that the past few days. Forgive me for not writing in this blog, but I just felt the need to focus on one thing rather than two.

If you have 100% of effort over two or more things, then they’re just not going to get 100% of your effort. Much better to give one thing 100% to get it to where it needs to be.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Still a lot more to do though! And of course I’ll talk more about it in here when I’ve finished it.

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