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Job interview

Last week, Friday, I went for the interview for the team leader role. I wasn't too sure about it after I had the interview, as I was left with a bit of a sore throat from all the talking I did, the lack of water I drank, and the inate nervousness that goes with job interviews. I didn't have a good feeling in my stomach, thinking that they might have thought I wasn't up to the requirements they were looking for.

I'm still not sure if they think I am, but at least I've got short-shortlisted to the next step, a second interview, so that's a very good sign. Woohoo!

I've got the day off for my birthday tomorrow, and then I have the 2nd interview on Wednesday morning. Apparently, if I do well on this 2nd interview, I'll have to do a psych test. Interesting. They asked me if I have done one of those before, and I said that I had, but it was when I joined the Army Reserves in Australia. The test included questions like, "Have you killed anyone before? Do you sometimes imagine what it would be like to kill someone? How would you feel if a member of your family was killed? How would you feel if you killed someone in combat?"

They assured me there wouldn't be any questions like that in their psych test. 🙂

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