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Let’s fix that personality of yours

I’ve known for quite a few years now that I’m an introvert, which I’ve been embracing fully. My fiancée is introverted as well, which works really well for both of us. I know someone who’s completely extroverted and, like many extroverts, she thinks that ‘her way’ is the only normal way. Anyone that’s introverted has something wrong with them.

Late last year she tried a sort of intervention. She sat me and my fiancée down one day and told us how concerned she was for us. Being introverted wasn’t normal, she said. Surely there’s medical treatments for it, she said. With a look of concern she said she needed to tell us that we weren’t normal, that we had issues, and she was sure there was an operation we could undergo that would fix us. She’d help us find the proper treatment, she said.

Before I could bitch-slap her I stood up, said to my partner it was time to go, and walked out. I haven’t seen her since and I’ve worked out that I have no interest in seeing her again.

It offends me that these judgemental, closed-minded, short-sighted, ignorant people exist. I can tolerate it to a point, but that point is when they start encouraging me and my loved one to have an operation to be something I’m not, just so they feel more comfortable around me.

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