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Making Masters

Today, for the first time in over 10 years, I ran a spiritual development group session for myself and a couple of colleagues from work. We sat on couches at Starbucks and discussed what our interest in spirituality was about, what we'd experienced in the past, why we were interested, and what we wanted to get out of the weekly meetings.

It was good, and I was all inspired again to get into this more than I have been.

I'm planning on creating a weekly theme at these meetings, and the theme will revolve around some kind of spiritual, psychic or life concept that we can discuss, and that I can provide an exercise for them to do during the week, so that at the next session we can discuss our results from the exercise.

I've also been inspired to change my own focus in life, to be more spiritually-oriented rather than life-oriented. Yes, it's time for me to actually get back into it. A ten-year break is more than enough time to have developed certain life skills, which were lacking back then, and use that as a foundation upon which to develop more down-to-earth spiritual skills.

I know the dangers of ego. I know what to be careful of, what to look out for, and how to teach a little better.

I've invited a number of people that I know to be part of 'Making Masters', which is the name I'm now calling my spiritual 'project'. I hope they'll join this site (or become more active), at least in the Making Masters section, so that as a group of people we can teach each other, learn from each other, and share what we know with others around us.

It's time to start helping people, and to spread that help around.

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