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Merry Christmas!

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young
– John Lennon, Happy Christmas (War is over)

And so this is Christmas… another year over. This time last year I was in Australia, enjoying a Christmas holiday. My plans around this time last year included: moving back to Australia, and starting a spiritual centre. They didn’t get done in the past year, but in just 5 weeks time, the ‘moving back to Australia’ bit is certainly going to be achieved.

I talked about moving back to Australia in my post called Moving on. Well, to update you a bit more, we’re still moving forward on that plan, and quite nicely too. We’ve cancelled both our employment superannuations in order to use them as assets to help us get to Australia. My own super was over NZ$3,000 more than what I was expecting it to be, so that’s been a nice surprise and a nice xmas gift for us. It’s made things quite a bit easier.

We’re planning on buying a car when we get to Sydney. After discussing it with Deidre, we’re going to get a car that I’ve wanted for a long time… a Ford Fairmont. In particular, an EL (1996) model. A decade ago, when this car came out, I wanted it. It was my ‘dream car’ at the time, something that was stylish, luxurious, and achievable. It was never achievable at the time. Six years ago, when I was looking for a car to buy, I’d forgotten the ‘dream’ and ended up with the BMW. Not that I’m complaining, ’cause the BMW has certainly been a dream car in its own right. But now I’m excited that I’m going to get the first ‘dream car’ I ever wanted.

Dreams will come true, if you want them enough. You just don’t know when.

We’ve received a quote from a moving company for the stuff we’ll be shipping over. In 2000, I left my furniture and most of my special belongings with my friend Peter in Canberra. A few years ago I told him to get rid of it, as I’m probably not going to be needing it. I spoke to him a week or so ago, and he told me he’s still got it. All of it. So all the stuff that I’d had before I moved to New Zealand is still there, waiting for me to pick up where I left off. That’s a lot of books, furniture and household items. That’s going to be a nice bonus when we set ourselves up in our own place, saving us money.

My last day of work was on the Friday just gone (22 December). The entire last week leading up to it was almost surreal. I’ve been with the same company for 6 and a half years, so to have that coming to an end was… sad. I organised a lunch engagement for 8 of my workmates to join me, the ones I was closest to over the years. Only 1 turned up (you rock Ken!), and 1 other was an hour late, and she bought someone with her I hadn’t invited…

It’s funny how small things happen that make it easier to leave, where people that you think you’re close to, end up proving to you how close you’re actually not. Makes it easier to leave them behind, I think.

And so this is Christmas… Actually, it’s Christmas Eve right now. Tomorrow, on Christmas Day, we’re having a xmas brunch with one of Deidre’s friends, Sue, and her daughter. That should be nice. Then we’ve got the afternoon to ourselves, before we go have xmas dinner with one of my friends, Vicki and her husband Alan.

After xmas, there’s the holiday period until the new year. I’ve got a surprise for Deidre on New Year’s Eve. I can’t say anything until afterwards.

And then on the 2nd of January, Emelie and Reine are arriving. That’s gonna be so much fun! Emelie’s been an internet friend of mine for quite a few years now. She originally joined my Star Trek email roleplaying game I think back in 2001, and was a member of my ‘crew’ until she called it quits after about 2-3 years of playing. We became close friends during that time, and have stayed that way ever since. She’ll be the first internet friend I’ve met after such a long internet-only friendship!

And so this is Christmas….

I wish you all the very best over this period. May there be lots of food, laughs, love and great times. Oh, and drinks. But don’t drink to excess and do something stupid. I’d love you to be around for many more!

See you on the flip side.

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