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More Holocaust denial

This week David Irving was imprisoned in Austria for 3 years for ‘holocaust denial’.

If I stated that men never walked on the moon, would they lock me up for ‘moon walking denial’?

If I stated that the earth was in fact flat, would they lock me up for ‘globe denial’?

If I stated that inside every kiwi was an aussie trying to get out, would they lock me up for ‘kiwi denial’?

If I stated that World War II never happened, would they lock me up for ‘WWII denial’?

Then why the frack would they lock me up if I stated that the Holocaust never happened, unless it actually didn’t and they don’t want the truth to be known?

If you are arguing against truths that are real and factual, then there is no need to lock you up for being an idiot. If, however, you are arguing against a truth that is actually a cover-up, where authorities want you to believe that a lie is in fact a truth, then it is in the authorities’ interests to lock you away and prevent you from telling people the truth.

There is no reason that ‘holocaust denial’ be a crime resulting in imprisonment unless the holocaust story is a lie that they don’t want you to know about.

UPDATE: I just had an extra thought. If you can be locked up for simply expressing an opinion, then what’s to stop this from setting a precedent and they start locking people up for expressing other opinions?

Americans are already discovering it’s a crime to be unpatriotic. The Bush government is working at prosecuting people for sedition, which means: An illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government. Any comment or action that is designed to disrupt or overthrow the government is a crime under this law. This means all Democrats are guilty of sedition. All anti-Bush blogs and commentators are guilty of sedition.

Freedom of speech is slowly but surely being outlawed, and the world sits back and lets it happen.

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