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More on the tooth adventure

It’s not an adventure, it really isn’t. There’s too much pain for it to be an adventure. But I’m stuck with the title now. I should have called this ‘The great toothache nightmare’, that would have been more appropriate.

I went to the dentist today. They did nothing. NOTHING! I was looking forward to some relief, finally, but it’s being drawn out even longer.

They took some x-rays and determined that I should have it removed. I could have told them that! But there’s also another wisdom tooth that’s broken, but hasn’t been giving me any trouble. They recommend I get that removed too. Ok, sure. Can we just get started now?

No… they don’t do wisdom teeth in the position mine are in.


So they referred me to a specialist, an ‘oral surgeon’ who does that kind of work. I rang them and they’re not able to see me until this coming Monday. Not to do any work, mind you. Just to see me and tell me what work needs to be done.

In the meantime I’m living on painkillers and antibiotics. It’s difficult to eat without lots of pain as a result, so I’m feeling rundown because I’m not eating properly. Plus this infection isn’t helping much with the bodily systems, I’m sure.

I think I should get some multivitamins tomorrow, to try and boost my vitamin intake while I’m unable to eat properly.

The good news is that my teeth are fine, apart from the problematic wisdom tooth. I haven’t been to the dentist in 35 years, but the worst she could find was that I need one small filling. She said, “Whatever you’ve been doing this past 35 years, you’ve been doing it right.”

So that’s a bit of a relief. I was expecting a LOT of work needing to be done, but she just wants to give me a filling and a clean. Phew!

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