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Moving on

img_0022.jpgWell, it seems to be time to move on with my life, and I can’t wait!

I’ve finally been made redundant at work, confirmed early last week. My ‘evil plan’ worked, and by not applying for any other roles during this restructure process, I avoided gaining a new role in the new structure. This meant that they ‘unfortunately’ had to make me redundant. Wooohoooo!

As a result of these changes, Deidre and I are moving to Canberra. The tickets are booked already. We’re flying out of Wellington and into Sydney on the 1st of February.

In less than 7 weeks from now, we’re going to be living in Canberra. Mel has amazingly organised for us to stay at her parents’ house, who aren’t using it and are in Adelaide. So we’ll be staying there for a couple months while we get ourselves sorted in our own place.

It’s real, and it’s happening. In less than 7 weeks I’ll be leaving New Zealand and returning home. In less than 2 weeks I’ll be having my last day of work, followed by 6 weeks of ‘holidays’ before we leave for Australia. During that time there’s going to be a few exciting things happening.

On the 2nd of January Emelie and her partner are coming over from Sweden for 10 days. That’s exciting thing number 1! The other exciting thing will be selling everything we own after they leave, so that the only things we’re taking with us will be small, personal and household items. Anything larger than a DVD player is being sold. And I mean anything larger. Well, except for the portable griller… Everything else is going to be put into boxes by me, while Deidre’s at work during January, and shipped over to Australia. It should arrive a month or two after us.

So this is a very exciting time, as we make massive changes to our live and move on into the next chapter. New Zealand’s chapter is about to close. My return to Australia – and Deidre’s new beginning there – is about to begin!

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