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My name is Inga, I am from Sveeden

Ok, the name’s actually Emelie, and she’s from Sweden, rather than ‘Sveeden’. Her and her partner, Raine (pronounced rrraYnuh, I think… He’s given me permission to call him Rain, so I don’t have to try to pronounce it Sweden-like. Very kind of him!), have honoured me with a visit.

I talked briefly about her in my Merry Christmas post, so I won’t go over old information again. It’s been fantastic to have them here, and to finally spend time with a close friend of mine who I never met… until now.

They arrived on Tuesday 2nd January, and then on the 6th they took off on a bus tour around the north island. They’re going black water rafting through Waitomo Caves, hoping to see glow worms as they go whizzing past in the dark raging water. They’re also going to Rotorua, where I’m sure the stench of rotting eggs will encourage some good memories. That’s all I know of their trip, but I’m sure to find out more when they get back on the 10th.

Unfortunately, they leave on the 12th, so we won’t have much time to do anything before they leave. In the few days they were here, I showed them most of the sites of Wellington, including the hobbit walk that I took Mel on. Whatever I didn’t show them, they showed themselves. I think they might have worn out their shoes with all the walking they did!

I’ll put up some photos soon.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have them here, and my friendship with Emelie has, I feel, been ‘cemented’ in some way. It’s like, we’re not just internet friends any more. Now we’re real friends. Reine’s interesting to talk to. We share common interests in the web and how the ‘social web’ will develop, which has been fun to talk about.

Deidre and I are already talking about visiting them in Sweden over the next few years.

I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

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