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My photos, my life

When I was working through my blog posts (1998 to 2006 so far) a few weeks ago, I was saddened by the fact that most of the posts have lost their photos due to being migrated across platforms so many times that the photos were lost along the way. It was something I regretted, but naturally, since there’s nothing I could do about it, I could only accept it. So I mourned the loss of the recordings of my life, and moved on.

27" iMac

I used to be a big Apple fan, and had iPhones and iPads to go along with the 2007 17″ MacBook Pro, 2010 27″ iMac, and 2011 13″ MacBook Air. But then in 2012 I got sick of Apple and got rid of most of it, but Fanfan wanted to keep the iMac and MacBook Air for her own use. No worries. Things have been going fine for her until this weekend when the iMac’s hard drive started making funny noises like it was grinding and occasionally clicking. I told her that the 5 year old computer was starting to die, and it was time to consider upgrading soon. I also did the responsible thing and backed up her photos and documents onto an external hard drive (I don’t bother with Time Machine).

As I was backing up her 1,099 photos (most of her photos are stored on the MacBook Air) I remembered that I have a profile on the iMac too, which I last used in 2012. Wow… I completely forgot about that! So when her backup was finished, I thought it might be a good idea to backup the photos that I probably had on my profile.

34,600 photos. All the photos I had put into blog posts over the years, and so many more, were all there. Everything that I’d put onto CD 10-15 years ago had also been backed up on the iMac. And because I haven’t been using it for the past 3 years, I completely forgot that they were all there.

The iMac saved all my photos. It’s saved my life. Of photos. I love it.  🙂

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