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New beginnings

This is my first real post on this new blog that’s using WordPress. All the other posts previous to this have been imported.

I’ve had some real frustrating challenges with this new blog and new domain over the past week or so. I was originally going to set it up with some very good people who own an ISP in the US, and so I began the technical issues with them. However, my friend Ken in NZ decided to get his own hosting setup, so I went with him instead. This meant having to change the technical issues to go with him instead of the others.

I was also originally going to continue using the blogspot blog with the new domain, but when Ken got the hosting setup, I decided to take advantage of it and set up a WordPress blog. So there were more technical issues to deal with.

Due to the inadvertent but conflicting issues between the two hosts, and the setup of the new WordPress blog, I’ve had some very frustrating times over the past few days.

It seems to now be resolved though, so I’ve gone ahead and made the new blog live.

Welcome to the new look!

Along with the new look will be some new changes. Only yesterday I started a new category on my blog – Spirituality. I added some articles I wrote about 3-4 years ago, which I had completely forgotten about.

Which is the basis behind the new changes, or new beginnings. There have been parts of my life which I’ve forgotten about, and there have been things which I’ve only just been realising over the past few days.

Spirituality has been very important to me, but it’s been something I’ve neglected to address these past few years. I’m so very surprised that I’ve ‘forgotten’ my own spirituality, but it’s obvious that I have. That’s going to change.

2008 is going to see me focus more on what’s really important to me, which is what I’ve been realising this past few days.

People need to wake up!

Most people are wandering through their lives in a state of blissful ignorance. They’re ignorant of the true nature of their reality, and of how they can interact with it. They’re sheep, drifting through a mediocre life, doing what they can to be accepted by others. They’re asleep, unaware of their potential.

I’m going to be presenting more material to help people wake up and realise their potential, and how they can change their reality to be more in line with their heartfelt desires, rather than a product of their fears.

I hope you’ll find something of value here.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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