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New categories

For those of you who are reading this via your RSS feed subscription, you’re probably wondering what thhe hell those ‘category’ posts are for. Well, you’ll have to visit the site to have a look.

I’ve redesigned the site just a little bit, adding categorisation at the top. Articles, Dating, Favourite Posts, Photo Blog, Politics, Relationships, Self Help, and Spirituality. I’ve used del.icio.us tagging to facilitate this, with each of those category headings now going to a post that lists all relevent posts.

In a recent post I talked about ‘retiring’ a number of my other blogs. Before I do that, I plan on bringing the content across to this one, and tag them accordingly. That way, everything I write is now going to be on this blog, and accessible via the Categorisation at the top.

Just another step in the ongoing evolution of this blog.

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