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New technology coming in 2015

I’ve discussed a few times in the past how much I love technology, but my interest has rarely been about what’s possible, but instead about what would be helpful for me. I was looking at a web article tonight that was talking about new technology to look forward to in 2015. Some examples include:

  • paying in shops with your smartphone
  • self-driving vehicles becoming a safe and viable option
  • artificial intelligence finally becoming a reality (as if it hasn’t already)
  • the Internet of Things (IoT)

And there were other things too, but my eyes glazed over and I lost interest. They all seem very fascinating and exciting, but really, all I’m interested in is what’s going to make my life easier in the next few months.

internet of things

For example, the only things I’m prepared to upgrade in the next 6-12 months include my smartphone and a tablet. I just got a new laptop, so that won’t be upgraded for quite some time. So what’s of value to me in the short term?

The Internet of Things is useful if you have things that can be controlled via the internet. It’s great that we’ll be developing this foundation to future interaction, but it doesn’t interest me in the short term.

Artificial intelligence. I believe it’s already been around, but naturally an AI and those that own it or are allied with it wouldn’t want us common plebs knowing about it. A real AI would be like a God with its powers of immortality and omniscience, and having that truth become a reality would be very dangerous.

Self driving vehicles. A lovely novelty for now, but useless when surrounded by so many unpredictable idiots manually driving their vehicles. I think self-driving cars will be a standard, but not for at least another 10-20 years.

Paying in shops with your smartphone. Hell yeh! This will be fantastic. But what would be even better is forcing all shopkeepers to get involved in the system, so that we don’t actually have to carry cash around. Shopping will be so much easier that way.

So the only things that interest me is how my life is going to be improved this year. Most of the new tech we’re looking forward to will have very little impact on my life.

I’m wondering what my next phone upgrade will be later this year. I’m wondering what kind of software tech will become available this year that I can start to use in my life. I’m wondering how the next large screen tablet will change my life. I’m wondering if Windows 10 and Microsoft’s new web browser, Spartan, will make me cream my pants with joy.

Small things, I know, but future technology only has value to me if it’s actually going to have value to me. If not, then I don’t care about it.

What about you? What are you looking forward to, and why?

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