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News – real or imagined?

I saw a current affairs story the other day that presented information that about 75% of information you read about on the news is actually ‘advertising’. Someone is advertising their agenda in some way, and so they present information that’s then believed to be news. There’s another name for this.


I was just discussing with Lee about the previous post on US foreign policy interventions around the world, and I said, “most people aren’t interested in ‘researching’ information, so all they have to go on is what current media tells them.” This is very true.

When all the public has to go on is what’s told to them via the media, then that’s all they know. And if 75% of what’s told to them is a lie, then the world that they think they know is simply the world that someone wants them to think it is.

Do your damned research. If something inspires you to be outraged, research it. Find out the truth. Find out what’s really going on out there. Find out what they don’t want you to know, because really, if they wanted you to know it, they’d be telling it to you. There’s a reason why they’re lying to you.

Find that reason. Don’t put up with the crap that they tell you.

Is the news real or fictional? That’s really up to you to find out, but you owe it to yourself to find the truth, especially if you’re sitting there watching the news and thinking it’s true. It’s not. So look for the truth. Don’t accept reality until it’s been verified through all the sources you can find.

Or, of course, you can just sit there and continue believing what they want you to believe.

Here’s something for you to consider. Al Zarqawi has, by all measures, been the most elusive of terrorists. He didn’t exist, according to some sources, and his only existence was in the propoganda crap that the US presented to justify their invasion of Iraq. Now they’re presenting Al Zarqawi as being dead, thanks to great intel and a 500lb bomb.

The man who didn’t exist and couldn’t be found has now been obliterated due to a huge bomb. Apparently they confirm his death through DNA matching. Where’d they get the DNA from in order to match it? How convenient is it that the man who couldn’t be found has now been killed. It’s like saying, “The monster of children’s nightmares that hides under the bed is dead. We bombed him. We have DNA matching that confirms. So there.”

To me, it’s another continued propoganda exercise to further the ‘war on terror’, to ‘prove’ that the efforts are working and the enemies are being killled. Now they’re talking about a second in command who will take his place. Another ‘boogeyman’ to frighten the stupid into continued support on this ludicrous war on terror.

Read the book, 1984. You’ll see this has happened before, in someone’s imagination. See the movie, Wag The Dog. You’ll see this has happened before, in someone’s movie.

Don’t believe anything you see. Think about where it’s coming from and who it benefits. Discover your own truth, instead of the truth that they feed you.

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