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Photos and stock photos

I just wanted to talk about a small change I’ve implemented in this blog. From now on, I’ll be adding a small photo at the beginning of a post, or occasionally somewhere within a post, that is related to what the post is about. These small photos are ‘stock photos’, meaning that I’ve obtained them from a website that gives them away for free. They aren’t my photos.

You can tell the difference between stock photos and my photos by the fact that my photos will be larger, and will be in the centre of the page, rather than at the beginning of paragraphs. Those small photos at the beginning of a paragraph on the left will be the stock photos.

I thought I’d do this just to introduce a bit of photographic colour and variety to this blog, and to make it somewhat more appealing to the audience.

The stock photos will even act as a form of visual categorisation. I’ll use the same images for similar posts. I hope you like it.

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