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PsyOps against Iran

Over here, they’re talking about the news of Iran segregating religions via dress codes, to separate jews from muslims. The funny thing is, the news was an outright lie. One, it’s amazing that a complete and utter lie was published in a major Canadian newspaper. Two, it’s amazing that this single report was picked up by the US, Australian and Canadian governments as evidence of Iran’s atrocities, and how they’re becoming exactly like Hitler.

The truth is this. The story is part of a ‘PsyOp’, or psychological operation, an action designed to inspire anti-Iranian rage, so as to justify further actions against Iran. Here’s a quote I placed on a right-wing blog that swallowed the story, hook, line and sinker.

You’ve all been hoodwinked by false news. Probably ‘psychological warfare’ designed to enrage people over Iran. It’s an illusion. Even the Israeli ADL have released a statement saying it’s false. There’s a report here that says the only evidence was a single report in a Canadian newspaper, which was quickly accepted as fact by the US, Australia and Canada. It was denied, of course, by Iran, but ‘of course they’d be lying’. However, the ADL also rejects it. The bill in question relates only to a dress code, not a separation of religions according to dress. The New York Post says that it “does not mention requiring special attire or markings for religious or other minorities.”

It’s hilarious to watch you guys get up in arms about an unsubstantiated, false report, with all of you claiming it’s true, and willing to, once again, go to war over issues that are complete and utter fabrications. There aren’t any human rights groups “raising alarms over a new law passed by the Iranian parliament that would require the country’s Jews and Christians to wear coloured badges to identify them and other religious minorities as non-Muslims.” The entire thing is completely false, and you were taken in by it.

You say: ‘what do you have to say now? How are you going to defend this one?’
I say: there’s nothing to defend. It’s a complete lie. But here, have a cloth. It’ll help you wipe the egg off your face.

You say: ‘weapons grade uranium was found and you made excuses.’
I say: weapons grade uranium was not found, just ‘traces of radioactivity suggesting there was weapons grade uranium associated with the equipment; equipment which was supplied by nuclear weapons-producing countries’. Another lie of yours.

You say: ‘you deny Iran is building nuclear weapons but support their right to do so’
I say: as a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Iran has the internationally-allowed right to build nuclear energy programs, as do all members of the NPT, monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has not found any violation of the treaty, nor any evidence of nuclear weapons development. Evidence? Absolutely none. Conjecture? Lies? Through the roof.

You say: ‘you like to compare Bush with Hitler yet you sympathise with Saddam and Iran.’
I say: I don’t sympathise with Saddam and Iran. What I resent is the US deciding to act against international laws and conventions, which it helped create in the first place. The EVIDENCE for illegal actions are actually being supplied by the US as it openly and blatantly disregards international law. The evidence is that the US is committing illegal actions, while there is absolutely no EVIDENCE to support the US’s claims about Iraq and Iran. The only evidence that exists is that the US lies it’s way into whatever it wants.

I’m sorry to see international laws and conventions being broken by the US, which has decided that it can make or break laws as it sees fit, without any regard for anyone else, and without regard for the international standards by which it demands other countries abide by.

I’m also sorry to see so many of you Americans thinking that violating all democratic principles is the way to bring democracy to the world. If democracy is so good and so successful, why are the actions of the US government so representative of a fascist attitude, where might makes right, and the decisions of one man allegedly overrule democratic checks and balances?

I’m so sorry to see so many of you Americans literally demanding a dictatorship, demanding that all your freedoms be taken away from you, and demanding that the US government do whatever it wants to the rest of the world.

This is why Bush and such Americans are linked to Hitler and the Nazis.

UPDATE 26/5/06: It seems that the newspaper that originally ran the story has now apologised for the error.

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