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Reiki Level 2

 did the 2nd Degree Reiki course today.
It involved learning about various symbols (three of them) that allow one to focus the energy, specifically for long-distance healing, and also to increase the effectiveness of the channelling that you do on someone.

The biggest challenge was memorising the symbols, and the order in which the lines of the symbols are drawn, and the names of said symbols. The memorising is important because you need to visualise the symbols as you do Reiki on someone, whether it's long distance or whatever, and you can't always refer back to the manual…

Interesting thing happened tonight.

I've been feeling 'charged' after the course, and also very tired. It's like, whatever I learnt or received from the Reiki today had an effect on me in some indescribable manner. (I've been drinking shit-loads of water the past few days, and particularly today as well.)

Anyway, I went to do some Reiki on Penny tonight, to ease some stomach cramps she was having, and apparently as soon as I sat down next to her, the stomach cramps disappeared straight away – before I even started.

Two things happened. 1) they just disappeared at that time, or 2) the energy that I felt 'charged' with had an effect on her as I got close to her, and it immediately had an effect.

These things can happen.

Reiki works by the practitioner being a channel to the Universal Life Energy, allowing it to flow through them and into the recipient.

But there's nothing that really says that you can't have it 'turned on' and radiating from you like the light from a flame. So just coming into my presence might have had a healing effect.

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