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Some BIG changes!

Until further notice, this blog is being updated here:


Before I explain why, please take the time to visit the new location and update your bookmarks / RSS feeds / subscription options. I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Now, to explain.

I was playing around with the blog template today, trying to get a nice-looking template to work. The template had been converted from a WordPress theme, and I really liked it. However, after getting some feedback from Ken, I decided that it wasn’t as good as I really wanted. So I played around with some other templates.

I did the smart thing before I started and saved the original template so I could revert back to it if I needed to. However, doing the smart thing once doesn’t mean you’re going to do the smart thing all the time….

In the course of the entire afternoon of playing around with themes, my desktop ended up being quite cluttered with all the themes I’d downloaded. So I grabbed them all and threw them into the Trash icon. I didn’t realise this included the original blog template.

And then, towards the end of the afternoon, I emptied the Trash, cleaning away all the clutter. I did some more playing around with templates and then decided to give up and take it back to the original template.

I went to upload that template. Which I had stored on my desktop. Which had been cleaned up and put into the Trash. Which had been emptied.

I suspect the scream of horror echoed around the neighbourhood….

Now, for the last half of the afternoon, Blogger was having problems with uploading and saving new templates. It was coming back with error messages which started out being infrequent, but then became constant. New templates could no longer be uploaded or modified.

So my annoyance at losing my template became an annoyance at Blogger for not allowing me to upload ANY template, so that I could at least get the site into some semblance of ‘nice’. So now I have a ‘standard template’, which doesn’t seem to have a problem. Most of the widgets I used to have on the blog are gone too.

So I’ve turned to WordPress. At long last, my time with Blogger is over. (For the time being, that is. I reserve the right to one day return!)

I set up a WordPress blog, implemented a ‘standard template’ that’s so much better than Blogger’s, and imported all the content (including comments) from this blog.

I then bought a new domain, since I figured that making this change was a good inspiration to take it another step. I’ve purchased www.alanzeyes.com and will have it active soon enough.

I have a request for anyone reading this who can provide permanent (free) website hosting for me. In return for this wonderful favour, I will provide a link to you or your business from my blog, thus increasing your exposure! Please contact me asap if you are interested.

So big changes are afoot. Being a dumbarse and losing my template has helped me move forward with these changes.

Again, please change your bookmarks and RSS feeds. And thank you for moving along with me.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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