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Starting again

I'm sitting here in a different lounge room. Hey, my (old) place doesn't HAVE a lounge room, as it's a single room flat, apparently called a 'studio apartment'. It was nice.

WAS nice. Now I'm in the process of moving into a new place that I'm sharing with my friend Penny.

'Friend? She was a bit more than that, recently,' I hear you asking. Yes, she was, and still is. However, we're moving into a place together as friends and flatmates, for the purpose of improving our lives and lifestyles.

'How so?' I hear you asking.

Well, I'm wanting to save money, and after realising/discovering that selling my car wouldn't do it for me in the ways that I wanted, I thought about getting another job. But that seemed like too much effort. So then I decided I'd move into a place with someone, and share costs.

I was originally going to look in the paper for share accommodation, but then Penny talked to me. She was having her own issues with her flatmates, and decided that she wanted to move out. We discussed it, and the nature of our relationship and where we wanted to go, and we decided that we could easily share with each other as friends, while still moving on with our lives in that capacity.

'Are you sure that's wise?' I hear you asking. (Geez, you guys ask a lot of questions!)

Well, along with other people I've spoken to about it, they all state how much of a disaster that's likely to be. But other people aren't me, and I've been in this position before. It worked out ok the first time, I don't see why it wouldn't work out this time. What issues I had from the first time were learning experiences, teaching me better ways of doing things, but nowhere did I learn that I shouldn't do it.

I personally think anything is achievable if respect, honesty and effective communication are present.

Her and I will be friends, and 'moving on with our lives' means that we'll only be that, and still be dating other people, until such time as we naturally move apart due to other circumstances.

For the time being, we both want to move, so it makes sense to share a place together, since we both get along so well.

The new place has a great view over the harbour. Photos coming soon.

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