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Hi everyone!  I’m still around, no need for any concern.  I’ve been busy, preoccupied, or just can’t find anything to write about, so I haven’t.  Occasionally I’ve thought about writing something, but then something else came up…

But here I am, the first post of 2010, and you probably already know from the subject what I want to talk about now…


TerrorismAs we all know, airport security measures have increased all around the world due to some idiot wanting to set off a bomb in his underpants. (Really?)  Apparently, terrorists only want to blow up planes, but they attempt to blow them up in really stupid ways that are unlikely to succeed. Underpants? Shoes? Give me a break.  The result, however, is a whole lot of government and media-driven hysteria that results in a lot of people becoming very afraid.

The probability of dying from terrorism is pretty damn small. You’ve got a greater chance of dying from an infection resulting from a drunken attempt to trim your fingernails than you have of dying from terrorism.

But terrorism suits an agenda, and that agenda is GOVERNMENT CONTROL, so the fear of terrorism is promoted at every opportunity.  It suits the purpose of getting the people to accept greater controls and restrictions being placed on them.  These people think that if freedom is restricted, then they’ll be safer from terrorists.

I saw a discussion online today that scared me with its implications.

‘Libertarians are a threat to national security.’

Why? Well, those discussing it were of the opinion that if you want freedom, you must be a terrorist. Why else would you want freedom, unless it’s so you can be free to conspire and murder people?  So the desire for freedom is now being equated with supporting terrorism. And anyone that argues in favour of freedom is obviously a terrorist.

It’s just ludicrous.

If you stick up for freedom and liberty, you’re a terrorist. I was reading some weeks ago about a man who was to be given a summons to appear in court for some non-violent, civil issue. They used a SWAT team to surround his house with ‘superior firepower’ so an armoured police officer could go to the door and deliver the summons. Not because he was violent, or a known criminal or anything like that, but because it was known he supported the US Constitution.

What’s going on here? People that support freedom are now terrorists, that’s what. Because freedom and libertarianism wants to reduce government control. If you want to take power and control away from the government, that is obviously promoting ‘terrorism’…

Let’s think about terrorism for a minute

Do you really think that terrorists can only blow up planes?  What about trains, trucks, and ships? What about large car parks under important buildings with lots of people in them?  What about bridges?  Power stations?  What about computer networks?

There is so much in our society that could be the target of terrorism, and cause an even greater impact on society than blowing up a plane.  Why aren’t they targeted?

It’s possible to kill more people by blowing up a shopping centre than by bringing down a plane, and the terrorist could cause more terror as a result. There are no security checkpoints at public places, so they could get in, plant explosives, and get out. They wouldn’t have to die as well, like they would if they were a terrorist on a plane.

Why do terrorists think that their only target are airplanes?

Unless it’s not about terrorism, but all about minor acts of planned incidents with one purpose – to make people more and more afraid, so they demand more and more government control over everyone’s freedom.

It makes you wonder

Who benefits from these acts of terrorism that are apparently restricted only to airplanes?  Who gets something out of it?

Think about what is wanted by powerful people. More power. Where does their power come from? From their subjects that give it to them.  You can only rule those that want to be ruled.

How do they get more people to give them more power?  By making the people fear the consequences of their government NOT having more power.

These people fear ‘terrorism’ so much that they demand their government take away their freedoms. They demand their government protect them from this ‘horrific threat’.  And so the government does.

When you look at who benefits from terrorism, it’s the US government. Do you think the terrorists benefit?  If they truly think it does, maybe we’d see more acts of terrorism on other targets.

‘Terrorism’ supports the US government’s agenda for domestic and global control. And when you can understand that the CIA is heavily involved in promoting US interests around the world, and have been involved in acts of terrorism to support the US, is it too hard to wonder what they’re doing to support the US domestically?

People are too blind, too stupid, or too apathetic to wake up and realise what’s going on around them. There are a number of people out there who can see the truth, but they’re too few and far between. Too many people live in fear instead, and it’s the ‘majority’ that drives how society develops. Or fails to develop.

I feel very sad for how it’s all going, and I see the Australian government buying into it.  I know why – it’s because they’re receiving pressure from the US. We’re an ally, and a trading partner, and if we don’t support the US way of doing things, then we won’t get the trade or benefits we currently get from them. And so our government becomes like the US government.

The question I ask myself is… where can I move to when Australia joins the US and becomes totalitarian and dictatorial in its implementation of government control?

Norway is looking pretty good right now.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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