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The alien

Rare are those of you who live your life for a future. There are not enough of you. The majority of you squander your time in inane pursuits that have no meaning. You have no concept of human co-operation, of working together as a species to achieve your future, your destiny. Your future has no meaning to you, because you base no importance on your present day lives. How can you achieve the bright future you hope for when you do nothing for it today?

I came to your world to analyse your readiness to join the Enlightened, and yet what I found was disappointing. I studied your history, and I found that a greater sense of enlightenment existed amongst you thousands of years ago, but not any more. Your desire for individuality has taken you away from understanding your connection with each other, and brought you to a spiritual standstill.

You feel superior because of your technological advancements, and yet your society is splintered – racially, politically, socially, and spiritually. There is no cohesiveness amongst you, no recognition of the connection each of you have with each other. ‘Enlightened’ is not a word that could be used to describe you.

And for that reason, you are earmarked for destruction. You have gone backwards over the past few thousand of your years, and there seems to be no hope that you will remember the connection you have to all that is.

However, it is not the Enlightened, or I, who will be the means of your destruction. It is yourselves who have earmarked your own destruction. In your unenlightened attempts to achieve your individuality, you aim for the destruction of others of your kind, mistakenly believing that individual freedom can only come at the expense of others. The more you advance technologically, the more focused you become on creating more advanced means of destroying each other.

I sit here and watch you as you do nothing with your lives. You know, subconsciously, that there’s no point to your life. You know, somehow, that you have no future. And so you sit there, waiting to die.

It’s because you wait for death that death will arrive. Instead of seeking out life, instead of seeking out a bright and positive future, you do nothing. You watch inane television, and engage in work you don’t like, avoiding your responsibilities – to yourself, your future, and the future of humanity.

You have no understanding of co-operation, of working together to achieve enlightenment, of achieving unity with all that is. And so by doing your utmost to be separate from each other and from all that is, you will achieve it. Your destruction is all that is on your mind, and that is all you see. And so you will achieve it.

I sit here, silently watching, hoping that you will change; hoping that someone, somewhere, will start changing their beliefs and begin dragging the rest of your race with them. I sit here hoping that you will become members of the Enlightened, before you destroy yourselves.

I see solutions that you avoid. I see that most of you are lazy, afraid to get off your backsides and do something to achieve change in your world. I see that with most of you avoiding your responsibilities, you place your destiny in the hands of others.

You need to take your lives into your own hands. You need to take ownership of your own destiny. You need to co-operate with others of your kind to create social change, to move forward in a more positive direction. You need to start action groups, protest groups. You need to hold in your minds the future that you want, and doing that will help you move forward with direction.

Your future is in your hands, it really is. I can leave this world at any time, but you can’t. This world is your home, all of it. This is all you have. There’s nothing else. Not yet. And not ever if you avoid enlightenment.

I write this as a warning, hoping some of you will decide to watch less TV and do more for yourselves and those around you. I hope that you can achieve positive change, because no one else will do it for you.

I shall continue watching. Maybe one day I will contact some of you, and welcome you into the Enlightened. Or maybe I will just leave. That is up to you.

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