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The best years of my life

As I’ve been reading my blog posts from 1998 through to 2007 so far, one of the things that’s struck me is that they were about my life, the experiences that I’ve had, and the things that I’ve learned. For almost a decade I had fun with my writing, and I was using it to help me grow.

My writing was my own personal development tool, helping me deal with a lot of things that had affected me in my life. But my life changed. It got a bit darker, and I got distracted. They say that ‘life happens’, and it’s true. But sometimes life can just get in the way too.


I look back on my years in New Zealand as the best years of my life. From 2000 through to early 2007. The life was great, the lifestyle was great, I had fantastic friends whose company I greatly enjoyed, and I worked for a company that had an awesome workplace culture that encouraged everyone to get to know each other and enjoy themselves. The country was beautiful, and the travel was amazing. I was mostly single and free to experiment and pursue whatever I wanted.

The single most important element of all of those years was that they helped me become a better person. I learned so much and experienced so much and wrote so much. Everything I wrote was to help me grow, and that’s the biggest difference between then and now.

I got too serious when I thought that I should try and help others with my writing instead of continuing the theme of helping myself. I distracted myself from what worked best for me – talking about myself. Not in egotistical ways, but in ways that just related some of the struggles I’ve had, and the observations I’ve had, and what I learned along the way.

I want to return to the way that worked best for me. That’s my goal right now.

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