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The facts come to light. All lies

When the Brazilian was shot and killed on 22nd July, the London police informed the world that he was a terrorist suspect, wearing a bulky jacket, acting suspicious, and ran away from police once challenged.

We learn now that it's all lies. All of it. Everything that the London police told us was a LIE.

ITN News has obtained documents and photographs that show the truth, and prove the police lied and outright executed this man for no apparent reason. Apart from fear and stupidity.

  1. It was a case of mistaken identity. They thought he was a terrorist suspect. He wasn't.
  2. He was not carrying any bags, nor was he wearing a bulky winter coat, as the police claimed. He was wearing light denim clothing, with nowhere to hide any explosives.
  3. He was behaving normally, and was not acting suspicious, like the police said he was.
  4. CCTV footage shows he actually entered the train station at a normal pace and descended slowly on an escalator, instead of running into the station, as the police claimed. He used a ticket to pass through barriers and even stopped to pick up a free newspaper.
  5. He started running when he saw his train at the platform (who doesn't run when they think they might miss their train?). Police had agreed they would shoot a suspect if he ran. (I guess everyone who's late for a train may now be executed, especially if they're mistaken for a terrorist.)
  6. It was as he was entering the train that police were provided with 'positive identification'. They shouted things to him, including the word 'police'. He stood up and began walking towards those calling out to him. An undercover policeman who was already sitting in the train stood up and pushed him back into his seat. At this point another policeman approached and seems to have emptied his magazine into the 'terrorist'. Seven bullets hit him in the head, one in the shoulder, and three other bullets missed.

Police are declining to comment while the investigation continues.

The truly horrific thing about this is that everything the police originally said about this has been proven, during the investigation, to have been a lie. They lied about this man. They screwed up and executed an innocent man, and lied about it to cover their arses.

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