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The inconsistencies of feminist demands

I’m an egalitarian, which means I believe in equality. It’s also why I’m very much an anti-feminist, because there’s nothing equal about what they want, and every time they open their mouths all that comes out is lies to further their idiot agenda, and abuse towards anyone that disagrees with them, women included. Not to mention their attempts to make it a crime simply to criticise feminism.

I thought I’d talk about the inconsistencies between what the feminists demand, and what the reality actually is. It’s an interesting and clear depiction of how ludicrous feminists are, and how ridiculous feminism is.

  1. Women are just as strong as men – except when they always need men to escort them, or when they need to to avoid men because they’re all potential rapists
  2. Women are just as smart as men – which is why they need affirmative action programs so that they can receive extra help to show it
  3. Women are just as capable as men – which is why they need feminism to defend them and speak up for them
  4. Feminists stand for all women – except those who disagree with feminism, or who succeed without feminism, then they’ll be classed as traiters to the cause and receive death threats
  5. Women have the same interests as men do – but when they aren’t interested in typically male pastimes, it’s the men’s fault for being misogynists
  6. Women are just as powerful as men – while always being victims. And if a woman doesn’t realise she’s a victim, feminism will shame her into admitting it, since feminism needs to prove women are victims of male oppression everywhere
  7. Feminists advocate for equality and social justice – for women only
  8. Women are strong, independent human beings – who are never responsible for their own actions. It’s always the men’s fault
  9. Women are strong, reasonable, intelligent human beings – but any form of disagreement or criticism will ‘trigger’ them into being unable to deal with it

Do you have any other points that you think are relevant, that show the inconsistencies of feminism? Please share below.

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