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The Second American Civil War

It happened once, why would you think it can’t happen again?

There’s so much civil unrest in the US right now as a result of the division that’s been created between the left and the right by the media and the loud, active, hysterical groups of people. There have been calls for violence, and there has been violence. There’s been attacks against Trump supporters, and there’s even been shootings of Republican senators. There’s been riots in the streets, and buildings being burned, and attacks on people.

And we’re only into the second year of the Trump Presidency.

The more the left doesn’t get what they want, and the more they call for violence, the worse things are going to get.

Here’s an example of the actual Democrats calling out for supporters to harass government officials:

It’s not just me that notices things are getting bad, and heading in a particular direction. I’m late to the party in terms of the attention this is getting. Please have a watch of this video, and think about where our future is headed.

What can we do about it?

Right now, I don’t think there’s that much we CAN do about it. I think that there are extremists on both the left and the right who are completely willing to take things beyond what is reasonable, if they think they can get away with it because it reaches a point of widespread acceptance. There will be more violence.

The best thing each of us can do is look after our own interests, and look after our own families, friends and local communities. There are very astute people in the US preparing for civil unrest because of what they see happening around them.

There’s a storm coming. Batten the hatches.

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