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The silent symphony

Sometimes a person comes into our life who brings us something we have been missing. Sometimes we realise this and embrace it, other times we fail to notice and ignore it. We don’t mean to do it, it just happens.

Someone has come into my life who has shown me something of what I’ve been missing out on. It’s happened quite innocently and maybe even inadvertently, but it’s happened nevertheless.

I went for a walk tonight, alongside a lake. It’s a nice lake, and it’s a nice night. I have never done it before – at least not of a night.

It was with a woman. I’ll call her Miss X. I met her a week or so ago, when she came into ORAC. Scot told me later that she was interested in getting some web designing done, so I contacted her and introduced myself for that purpose. The strangest thing has happened though… We’ve been speaking a lot on ICQ, and she’s told me a lot of herself, and vice versa. I’ve learnt that she has spiritual and ethical values similar to mine, so we’ve had plenty to talk about.

I walked along the lake with her tonight.

A lightning storm was playing a silent symphony across the other side of the mountains to the north, acting as a visual backdrop to the scene of Miss X and I walking and talking at around midnight tonight. The peacefulness of the night, the sounds of the lake and the still-awake birds, the traffic in the background as a soft and steady hum. The sounds of the city and of nature, mixed together in peacefulness.

I’ve never experienced that before. Not like tonight.

It’s been a long week. Working at ORAC on web design and reception and tech support. Working at home afterwards on web design. Tonight I wanted to relax. This weekend, I want to relax. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to even THINK about work. Tonight, I wanted to do something that took me away from those stresses, however all my friends are doing their own things tonight.

During ICQ conversation with Miss X (when she came on after 11pm), I mentioned that it would have been good to have gone out with her for a drink and chat, and that if she had’ve come on earlier, I would have asked her that. She said that would have been nice, and so I said was it too late for her? She asked me if I’d like to go for a walk along the lake with her instead of meeting for a drink. I thought this was a novel, if surprising, idea and immediately agreed. I’m very glad I did.

It’s been a wonderful start to this weekend.

Upon returning home and driving into my street, I decided to take a small detour. I’ve mentioned before that there is a large bush area across from where I live, with kangaroos living there. Tonight I drove through that area, along a small dirt road that went through it. I have a great torch that I keep in the car, which is almost like a spotlight in its intensity, and as I’m driving through this area I have the torch out to look for kangaroos. At one point I come around a corner in the road, and right in front of me are two kangaroos. I immediately stopped the car and turned the headlights down… we watched each other for a little while before they moved into the bushes. I drove on. As I’m about to exit this bushland, two large rabbits moved across the road, and so I stopped again to watch them. They moved slowly across this open area, and as I’m watching them move away, it was obvious that they were a “couple”.

Do animals get married? Do they love? Do they feel sorrow and loss?

I remember the book and the cartoon movie Watership Down… Very moving.

The rabbits disappeared amongst the bushes, and I started the car again and exited the bushland and drove the 30 yards to my block of apartments.

I love Canberra.

I need to go on more walks again. I thank Miss X for showing me what I’ve been missing out on, and I do hope that I can do it more often with her as well.

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