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The sixth sense

Have you ever wondered why psychics haven’t been able to guess specific things about you, and only seem to pick up some things and not others? How easy is it to disregard a psychic for being a fraud if they don’t tell you the simplest things about you, or if what they tell you doesn’t come true?

Psychics use a ‘sixth sense’, also called extrasensory perception, or ESP. Various forms of ESP include clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudience (clear sounds), telepathy and many others. The sixth sense allows a person to pick up non-physical perceptions which aren’t picked up by the 5 physical senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell).

Here’s the interesting thing. How often does your vision work perfectly for you? How often can you see clearly what’s far in the distance? How often can you tell what you’re hearing? How often can you identify what you’re tasting?

All of your senses are able to pick up only what comes within their range of sensory perception. Touch obviously has a very close range, while hearing’s range is a bit further. Sight only allows you to see what’s in your line of sight, and not what’s hidden from you. Smell allows you to determine if something is pleasant or disgusting, and sometimes you can tell exactly what it is.

It’s the same with the sixth sense. Its perception goes beyond the limit of your physical senses, and yet, just like your normal senses, it’s not perfect. It only has a range of perception as well, and it doesn’t get everything right.

Wouldn’t it be silly of you to give up trying to see just because you can’t see around corners? Or give up trying to hear if something is too far away to be heard properly? So why would you want to give up developing your sixth sense, just because it doesn’t always work?

Years of experience with our senses help us to filter out the ‘noise’, the things that don’t mean anything. In a crowded room we can pick out specific voices. We learn what different smells and tastes mean. As we grow, we are taught and learn how to use our senses more effectively. It’s a pity few of us are taught how to use our sixth sense as well, to filter out the ‘noise’ and pick up what’s important to us.

A baby has difficulty making sense of all the perceptions that it has. Most people remain ‘psychic babies’ as they mature. There’s too much that happens in the mind for them to make sense of, and they’ve received no training to filter out the noise, so they disregard it. It just gets put into the category of ‘useless imagination’. The sixth sense is still there, it just needs development to make use of it.

Psychics are those who have developed their sixth sense, but they’re not perfect. Nor should perfection be expected from them, just like we don’t expect anyone to have perfection in any of their other senses. As we develop our own sixth sense, we shouldn’t expect perfection either. It takes time to develop anything meaningful.

Right now you’re probably wondering how you can develop your sixth sense.

Just like you develop anything else in your life, you can read books on the subject, talk to people who already do it, learn from them and from practicing it yourself.

Intuition is a major part of your sixth sense. It’s the ability to take note of your environment and the factors within it, including the extrasensory perception of reality, and trust that what you feel is going to be best for you. Learning to trust your intuition comes with experience, with developing it and seeing the results of using it effectively.

But don’t expect perfection. Just expect a sixth sense, one that will serve you as well as the other 5, if you let it. It will help you make better choices about what’s important in your life. It will help you be where you want to be, and help you achieve the things that you desire.

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