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The top 5 searches that bring people here

Search engines are probably the most popular resource on the internet. Any question that a person has, or a problem they have in their life, the search engine is the tool of choice to help them find the answers they’re seeking.

I saw this morning in my blog stats that the top 5 search queries bringing people to this site were the following:

  1. what is a zeta male
  2. zeta male
  3. my journey through life
  4. worry about things that might happen
  5. how to know if you’re indigo

Maybe I should do more articles on being a zeta male? Definitely more on life journeys and indigo adults…

There are people out there looking for answers, and for help. They’re looking for clues and solutions to the problems they have in their lives. And they find their way here, because they’re looking for answers related to the things that I write about.

It pains me that I don’t have enough to help them with, because I’m still seeking answers myself.

But I hope people will hang around, and that they’ll sign up for my updates and connect with me, so that we can journey together through our individual and unique lives, and maybe even share with each other the answers that we find along the way.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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